July 12, 2024

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‘Love Island’ finalists Garbi and Gunnar are no longer a couple: ‘It all seems one-sided’ |  television

‘Love Island’ finalists Garbi and Gunnar are no longer a couple: ‘It all seems one-sided’ | television

televisionGarby and Gunnar, who finished second together in the “Love Island” final, are no longer a couple. They announce it themselves via social media. “Dear everyone, I just want to let you know that things are no longer going well between me and Gunnar. And I have decided to put an end to it. I am so sorry that it ended this way. But the whole thing only seems one-sided,” Garbi wrote on Instagram.

On “Love Island” the candidates hope to find love, but it is also important to continue to convince their fellow candidates and the viewer of this love. Three couples reached the finish line, including Jarby and Gunnar. They went to the finals, just like Kimi, Kenji, Nicole, and Juna.

Gunnar entered the program through Casa Amor, saying he was there for Garbi. She was very flattered, and there was an instant connection between the two. Garby had a difficult road at first: none of the boys in the villa nor any of the new arrivals showed interest in her. So I see you Gunnar. But once they returned to “normal life,” the fairy tale between the two was short-lived.

Previously, another recent couple, Jonah and Nicole, announced that they were no longer a couple. “After a very wonderful adventure with Jonah, we decided to put an end to this. I also saw that it worked differently than this. You often live in a bubble there and then you notice that things are different in reality,” Nicole wrote on Instagram.

Only the winners Kimi and Kenji are still together. They walked away with €25,000 from their win.

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