July 21, 2024

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Amazon launches Inspire to compete with TikTok Store in US!

Amazon launches Inspire to compete with TikTok Store in US!

TikTok has been under fire from the US government for months. For example, they want to ban the site from the US because they suspect the Chinese government is spying and collecting data. American TikTok users! Amazon was not idle during this period. For example, Jeff Bezos' giant has announced Inspire as a competitor to the TikTok store. This new app may play a role in America!

On TikTok, you will get various ads from brands selling something through TikTokShop. There are also many content creators who create their own TikTok store to promote these products. That's what the new Amazon Inspire app is all about! To know all about it, read on.

The new Amazon Inspire app

The new application has a TikTok-like interface. Photos and videos can be used to promote products in the app. Customers can instantly make their next purchase through the app. They also receive offers based on their interests and interactions with other posts.

Amazon Inspire

It works like a TikTok store, where you can sell ad slots to people with specific interests. It is very beneficial for companies who want to reach a specific target audience, but also very convenient for consumers. Consumers will see more relevant ads.

Great for content creators

However, advertisers and consumers aren't the only parties to benefit from the new Inspire app. For example, content creators in Amazon's affiliate program can create their own ads. For this they can create their own affiliate links. Through these affiliates they get a certain percentage of the revenue which they take care of!

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This way, content creators can take more into their own hands without waiting for sponsors who want to sponsor product videos! Currently, the app is only available to people in the US. It won't be long before it's available worldwide!