May 28, 2024

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After finger accusation De Sutter (Groen), Dermagne (PS) sees nothing wrong with meetings with Bpost: “completely normal” |  internal

After finger accusation De Sutter (Groen), Dermagne (PS) sees nothing wrong with meetings with Bpost: “completely normal” | internal

“I don’t think that’s normal. Like you, I wonder about it.” With these two sentences, Minister for Public Institutions Petra de Sutter (Green) conveyed the problems surrounding Bpost to her colleague, Minister Pierre-Yves Derman (PS), on Tuesday. The French-speaking socialist had to explain to the Chamber on Thursday why a meeting had taken place between him, his party boss and the head of Bpost, particularly in the offices of the parcel company.

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Dermagne sees no harm in meetings with Bpost’s top executives. “It is quite natural that I consulted with representatives of such an important company as Bpost,” he said. The socialist in the room argued: “As deputy prime minister, who is also responsible for the economy and labour, I have regular contacts with companies and company directors.”

Bpost size also plays a role in Dermagne. It provides an essential service to the population, especially in rural areas. It is one of the largest employers in our country. “I also have regular contacts with other similar companies who want to explain their strategy or who have questions,” said the minister.

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Newspaper holding

Derman recorded four meetings he attended, following questions from Representatives Michael Freilich (N-VA) and Barbara Bass (Vlaams Belang). On June 13, 2022, one was allocated for newspaper distribution by Bpost. “We’ve seen the text messages asking to amend the public tender to make it a little easier for Bpost. Tampering with a public tender is a criminal offence, right? I want to know why the minister didn’t report this to the authorities.

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“I can assure you that with regard to questions and requests regarding the newspaper contract, my treasury has only given a friendly acknowledgment of receipt,” Dearman asserted. This contract between the Belgian government, media companies and Bpost is the subject of an investigation that could result in large fines.

And then it is the federal public service economy that has carried on, exactly according to procedures. FPS did this accurately and impartially, as it should. In fact, no tangible changes have been made as a result of contacts with bpost,” said the Minister of Labor and Economy.

Before Derman’s turn came during the hour of questioning in the room, Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo (Open Vld) had to answer MPs Maria Vendivogel (PVDA) and Jean-Marie Dedecker. De Croo said he wanted clear rules about how the government should deal with its independent public companies. He has therefore asked Guberna Institute of Directors to draw up a charter on this. De Croo once again expressed his confidence in Minister Petra De Sutter (Green) to address the problems on bpost.

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