June 9, 2023

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Taking Your Electric Car Inspection for the First Time: Here’s What You Need to Know | electric car

independentMore and more electronic and hybrid cars are coloring the streets, and therefore more and more have to go to technical control for the first time. Is it different from the classic car? And what should you watch out for? With this easy to use step-by-step plan Independent.be You drive without effort or stress.

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1. The first time for inspection after four years

Just as with classic petrol or diesel cars, if you buy a new electric or hybrid car, you’re “out of control” for the first four years. Only after that you have to go for a technical inspection every year, so the same rule applies to a car that runs on regular fuel.

Inspection date? Do not forget the necessary documents and accessories: So you look optimally prepared for the day.

2. Keep your car in good condition

Even with an electric car, it is imperative to visit your garage or franchisee at regular intervals for maintenance. Your car may be electric, but some parts like brakes and tires wear out the same way classic cars do. Even before the actual technical inspection, it’s best to schedule an appointment with the garage for a final inspection.

How often does your car need maintenance (both small and large)? Read here how to keep your car in top condition.

3. The actual check

Just like with a classic car, all essential parts of your car are checked during a technical inspection, from brakes to lighting. The only thing omitted is the emissions tests as with classic cars on fuel, because there are no emissions. This still happens with a hybrid car.

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4. The invoice

The standard passenger car inspection currently costs €38.20. There is no distinction here whether it is a combustion engine or an electric vehicle.

5. How about your own charging station at home?

The charging station in your home should only be checked once: when it is installed. A freight station installer is responsible for this inspection, whether it is a rental property or your home.

Bonus tipThe first check is also the perfect time to take a closer look at your insurance. After all: after four years it is recommended to completely revise the omnium. You can compare different insurance companies using the Independer.be framework below.

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