May 28, 2024

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After Gigi and Bella, Hadid’s Third Sister Makes Her Runway Debut, But Glamor Is Hard to Find |  celebrities

After Gigi and Bella, Hadid’s Third Sister Makes Her Runway Debut, But Glamor Is Hard to Find | celebrities

celebritiesAfter models Gigi (28) and Bella (26) Hadid, the third Hadid sister made her catwalk debut this week. Half-sister Alana, 38, opened a prestigious show at Copenhagen Fashion Week, but it wasn’t too glamorous. It’s also been a special week for Bella in the meantime.

The ‘podium’ in the presentation of famous Danish brand Saks Potts is simply called Beach Road on all other days. The spring-summer 2024 collection was presented near the sea in the capital, even in the rain. The venue is dedicated to the brand’s founders, Catherine Sachs and Barbara Potts. They met 25 years ago at a local school.

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Alana wore according Vogue magazine Macrame bodice, a beige blazer and a sparkling blue skirt over jeans. Silver flip flops completed the look. Straight, it might look like a jumbled mess, but the look, according to the magazine, is a reflection of the “eclectic” Scandinavian fashion of recent years. classes in addition very 00.

“You immediately wonder if this is the beginning of the Hadid sisters’ total domination of catwalks next season,” speculates the magazine. Debut definitely tastes more like Alana. “A deep memory made in Denmark,” she wrote on Instagram. “I did it, I walked the first catwalk!” I was delighted with the video. “And I opened the show.”

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Bella returned after five months

Alana, who is usually active as a fashion designer and co-founder of sunglasses brand Hadid Eyewear, is half-sister to Gigi and Bella. She is the daughter of Mohamed Hadid (74) and his first wife, Mary Butler. He also had a daughter, Mariel, 42. “Then she’ll be 40 soon and she’ll start as a model,” she joked with her sister on Instagram. Alana replied, “I live life backwards and it’s so much fun.”

Gigi and Bella are the children of Muhammad and his second Dutch wife, Yolanda van den Herik. Total Iron Rule may be closer than expected. Bella explained A dream year in her career Her work to get a cure for Lyme disease She took control of her life. I recently completed the journey of more than a hundred days, but it seems that the return is still waiting. However, that’s not the case: Bella will be back on set for the first time in five months on Thursday, she reported on TikTok.

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