December 6, 2022

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After Megan Fox, Billie Eilish has also been criticized for her 'very questionable' Halloween costume

After Megan Fox, Billie Eilish has also been criticized for her ‘very questionable’ Halloween costume

Yesterday came an article on FilmTotaal about Megan Fox Halloween costume, which has been widely criticized. However, she is not the only celebrity to be heavily criticized. Now it’s Billie Eilish’s turn.

World-famous singers, also known as the opening number of the James Bond movie No time to dieshe celebrated the folk holiday with her boyfriend, but not everyone was a big fan of the clothes …

Eilish and her boyfriend, Jesse Rutherford, dressed up as a little girl and her grandfather. What is the reason for that? The two are 11 years apart (Eilish is 20 and her boyfriend is 31), which is something they can laugh at.

However, necessary people believe that this is not possible, mainly due to the fact that Rutherford previously announced that she wanted a long-term relationship with the singer but had to wait because she was only 15 years old. The fact that they dress like this does not suit everyone’s taste.

For example, someone writes on social media: “This is really very wrong…Another says:I personally think this is a bit sick” but also “Now they are actually emphasizing with their clothes what many people think and think“.

Eilish herself shared several photos from the Halloween party on her Instagram page. You can watch these below. The last shot is a picture of the controversial Halloween costumes.

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