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After the European Championship gold, there is also the World Cup gold for Alina Ivanchenko, Phoebe Juris occupies ninth place |  World Junior Women's Time Trial 2021

After the European Championship gold, there is also the World Cup gold for Alina Ivanchenko, Phoebe Juris occupies ninth place | World Junior Women’s Time Trial 2021

Alena Ivanchenko played her favorite role at the World Junior Championships. The 17-year-old Russian also won the World Cup after the European Championship. Zoe Baxtedt, daughter of former Paris-Roubaix laureate Magnus, was a solid second. Phoebe Juris made it to the top 10, while Marieth Vanhove was 16th.

The Russians make the difference in the second half

The corona pandemic still appears in this category, so there are few reference points.

The European Championship two weeks ago can be used as a benchmark, and Alina Ivanchenko (17 years old) was admired there.

Despite getting lost in the corner in the lock, the steadfast Russian also did so between Knokke-Heist and Bruges, but was initially challenged by Zoe Bäckstedt.

The only 16-year-old British rider proved her genes to be good, but the 2″ 13 difference at the midpoint was a little clearer at the end (10″ 64). Bronze went to Germany’s Antonia Niedermayer.

Holland did not win, and our compatriots can look back in relief.

Phoebe Juris (16) clocked the ninth time, and Mareth Vanhoff (18) placed 16th.

Ivanchenko gives Russia the world title in the junior category

That was imminent! The Russian world champion almost sent a bicycle to crushing hurdles

Belgian camp reactions:

  • Phoebe Juris: “It means a lot to me. At the European Championships I was 11th, just outside 10th, I was hoping to finish 8th, 9th or 10th and I can only be happy with that. I was a bit sick and tired after the European Championship But, “I’m really happy. This is the icing on the cake after difficult moments this year. World Cup in my country? I’m still young and someone like Wout van Aert is an example. We’re a bit of a fan here.”
  • Marieth Vanhove: “I didn’t expect to overtake anyone. I thought: I’m fine. I had no idea in advance where I would end up, because we have few reference points. But the condition is good and I am satisfied. Okay “.

Joris: “I’m really happy: this is the icing on the cake”

Vanhove: ‘I wasn’t expecting to catch up with someone’

Willems, coach of the national team: “This is really a great result”

Noun calendar
1 Alina Ivantsenko (Russia) At 25’05” 49
2 Zoe Baxtedt (Great Britain) + 10″ 64
3 Antonia Niedermayer (BW) +25″32
4 Anna van der Meyden (Ned) + 1’25” 55
5 Madeleine Leech (Great Britain) + 1’26” 71
6 Elise Eugene (Ned) + 1’29” 63
7 Eglantine Rayer (Fra) + 1’51” 52
8 Olivia Cummins (VS) + 2’15” 79
9 Phoebe Juris (Bill) + 2’18” 79
10 Anina Ahtosalu (Ven) + 2’20” 51
  1. 12 noon 17. Ivanchenko awards Russia the junior world title.

    Ivanchenko gives Russia the world title in the junior category

  2. 12 noon 16. Double the European Championship for Russia. Alina Ivanchenko plays her favorite role. The Russian is 10 inches faster than Zoe Bäckstedt. Phoebe Juris took ninth place, and Marieth Vanhoff 16th.
  3. It’s 12 noon 16. Another kilometer ahead of Alina Ivanchenko. Despite her poor transformation, the world title seemed to have entered. .
  4. The time is 12:00. The ninth place will be for “Phoebe Juris” and the bronze by the German Antonia Niedermayer. But who will take the gold and silver? .
  5. The time is 12:00. Febe Jooris drops one place, but is sure of the top 10. The podium, which can still be moved a little. Alina Ivanchenko gives everyone a little heart attack with (half) a missed role. & nbsp; .
  6. It’s 12 noon 11. We’re expecting 7 more girls at the end. Phoebe Juris is fifth, Marieth Vanhove is tenth. .
  7. 12 noon 10. Bäckstedt provides the fastest time at present.

    Bäckstedt offers the fastest time at the moment

  8. 12 09. Zoe Bäckstedt is now sent to the hot seat. You’ll stay there anyway until number 1 hits. It becomes a nail bite. .
  9. The time is 12:00. The Dutch woman is falling by the podium at the moment. Robin van Gucht.
  10. 12 07. From one still camera to another: in Bruges Zoe Bäckstedt finish at 25’16” 13, 46 km/h average. What an achievement from about 17 years old. The rest is not in the picture. In a hot seat there is applause from Anna Van Der Maiden. & nbsp;.
  11. Status at the intermediate point. Alina Ivanchenko is still on the way to achieving a double. She’s covered 2″ 13′ under Zoe Baxted’s chrono. That’s going to be a mouthwatering duel.
  12. 12 noon 06. Joris is riding a strong time trial and is currently 3rd.

    Jooris is driving a solid time trial and is currently at number three

  13. 12:00 05. Now we hurry to Oostkerke. Only Alina Ivanchenko can keep Zoe Baxtedt from that throne. & nbsp; .
  14. 12 noon 05. Phoebe Juris drove a very good time experience! Lycelot Decroix.
  15. George at the end. Febe Jooris keeps a straight line and can hope for more than a decent top 10 list. It ranks third. & nbsp; . It’s 12 noon 05.
  16. Phoebe Juris. 12 o’clock .
  17. 11 59. It’s still too early to claim Zoe Baxtedt as world champion, but the British have set high standards for the rest. Her sister Eleanor (19) won the bronze medal twice in the Junior World Championships (2018 and 2019). Zoe learns the tricks of the trade in the field with Bart Wellins as a teacher. & nbsp; .
  18. 11 a.m. 56. Zoe Baxted hands out a batting bag. Briton, built in 2004, puffs Anna van der Maiden away at the intermediate point: -38″ 92. With these genes ….
  19. Juris at the first lane point. Phoebe Juris does more than excellent as she passes through Ostkerke. It’s 3rd in 27″ 19 of the best times. This offers perspectives for a good result. & nbsp; 11h 52.
  20. 11:00 52. Everyone’s gone! We start with half an hour from the truth: shirt No. 1 Alina Ivanchenko shoots a double. .
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