April 21, 2024

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How did Belgium suddenly become a time-pilot country?  "Campinarts as a role model" |  cycling world championship

How did Belgium suddenly become a time-pilot country? “Campinarts as a role model” | cycling world championship

Of the 9 men’s time-test medals (for juniors, promises and elite), 4 went to Belgium. And that’s while the Belgians have been bombarded in this part for years. How did this cover appear?

From 1994 to 2017, Belgium barely won three medals in all categories at the various Men’s Test World Championships, but since 2018 Belgian men have always been among the favorites. How did this transformation happen?

“With the federation we started 15 years ago with some initiatives,” says Frederic Bruchet, Technical Director at the Cycling Federation.

“Now the test time trials are regulated, there is more scientific guidance and the riders are followed more closely between races. In addition, more work is now being done for the championships.”

“It took time, but we are now reaping the benefits of this approach. Thanks to Victor Campanaerts, we have been able to change the pace. He introduced this culture of time experience, and is indeed a role model.”

And what about women? Reap the benefits in 10 years

For women, it’s still waiting for the first ovulation date. “This group is smaller, we don’t have that mass to work with as we do with men,” Bruschi says.

“However, things are already underway here. The local federations have taken several initiatives to attract more girls into the sport, so that the pool will also be expanded. In 10 years, we should be able to reap the rewards of that.”

Perhaps tomorrow women can actually contribute to Belgium’s first-ever medal in the (still young) mixed relay race. “The medal is definitely the ambition here as well. We have a well-balanced team.”

De Tribune: “Campinart’s contribution unlikely”

The podcast De Tribune also talked about Belgium as a time-testing country on Monday night. Bahamontese editor-in-chief, Jonas Herrick, praised Victor Campinaarts’ leading role.

“He made an unexpected contribution to it,” says Herrick. “Ten years ago, time in Belgium wasn’t exciting at all. Victor focused on it, because he thought that was the only thing he could excel at.”

“He focused on him, and thus he was on the World Cup podium, became European champion and set the world clock record. Victor fired him, and then it turns out that Wout van Aert and Remco Evenepoel also have an incredible talent for it.”

“People have watched the Campenaerts progress and are starting to take it seriously, but without the good Belgian warriors it wouldn’t be exciting. This encourages young people to want to do it too. I think we now have a pilot country whether we will remain is another matter.”

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