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After the fuss over rotten teeth: ‘Johnny Depp nevertheless got a makeover at Cannes premiere’ |  celebrities

After the fuss over rotten teeth: ‘Johnny Depp nevertheless got a makeover at Cannes premiere’ | celebrities

celebritiesJohnny Depp, 59, got a lot of attention at the Cannes Film Festival. Not only because he made his last movie there, but especially because fans noticed that his teeth were badly damaged and rotted. However, the actor received a complete makeover before hitting the red carpet, as insiders know.

look. The discussion about the actor’s teeth began with the photos below:

He received a standing ovation of no less than seven minutes for his performance as the French king in “Jean du Barry”. In other areas, however, Depp received less acclaim. Concerned fans question the movie star’s personal hygiene after he appeared on the red carpet with visibly distorted teeth. Not only is it much more yellow than its peers, but it also shows darker brown spots.

However, before the start of the event, a lot of time was spent on the appearance of the actor. “It was all decked out,” an insider told Page Six. “Johnny has a reputation for being gullible, so a team of several professionals renovated him in a suite at the JW Marriot near La Croisette.” Great location for renovation, because a room there costs at least 1,000€ per night, and we’re not even talking about a suite.

Depp was given a custom bodysuit by Dior designer Kim Jones. Therefore, Johnny is the flagship of the brand. Despite his rough edges, Dior signed him to a $20 million deal to sell their products. “Our usual stylist, Samantha McMillen, was on hand to make sure he looked his best on the red carpet.”

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This plan seriously went wrong, since the actor’s poor personal hygiene was ultimately key. Deb says he does not have many problems with his missing teeth. Aged 31, he said, “I love my smile. It reminds me of wickerwork in India—artists deliberately leave imperfections on it, because it gives character. So I’m okay with my teeth not being perfect. I’m proud of that.” Snow White Teeth, he couldn’t stand it. “I always find it very strange when I see that with my classmates. Of course not. Even more rotten or gold teeth.”

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