May 21, 2024

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Ahlam Ghdwini cut off all contact with her mother on her way to success

Ahlam Ghdwini cut off all contact with her mother on her way to success

This year seems to confirm the great achievement of Ahlam Ghdwini. At the end of January, her series Roomies was awarded the Professional Kastaars Award, at the beginning of February there was Ensors, in which the series also came out as a winner, and then Sihame was released, a Dutch series in which a fierce hunt for models began for her. In addition, the actress of Moroccan descent is working on a new theatrical project, lending her voice to a fantasy podcast, is filming a Dutch series and will soon debut in a motion picture drama.

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“The Cross” is set during a two-hour journey from Morocco to Spain, where the story of a Dutch family, a Moroccan captain, and two Spanish coast guard personnel intersect. “I play a young woman who is pregnant out of wedlock, a disgrace to the family. My father wants to keep it a secret at all costs, and therefore wants the birth to take place in Spain. You know what’s funny? A fake belly during filming, but after a while everyone forgot. People asked me Asked if I wanted to sit down, or looked shocked when they accidentally bumped into me.”

Her role in Sihame is explained by the fact that she is now often asked about Dutch productions. “In the Netherlands, there was a lot to be done about this series, because it is from the makers of Mocro mafia. As a result, the doors opened, while at first I could not play. Recordings are planned simultaneously with those of Roomies, at the end of 2021 But since the directors had a good feeling for me, they postponed the planning,” said the actress. She was actually planning to take a break after Roomies. “Because I’ve been working non-stop for five years. But you can’t turn down a project like Sihame. After that it was time to take a vacation, because I was exhausted. But I was also under stress. What if it made me beautiful roles would go wrong? What if the directors forgot about me?” ?But then the Roomies got out and the train left abruptly.”

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The Roomies organized open auditions for which everyone was eligible, which was rather exceptional. “I’ve noticed that directors are very committed to the characters they create in their heads. They have to look like this and they have to wear this and that. And that rarely matched the way I looked, the way I dressed. It was taken, I had to keep myself busy in silence for some Time. After every casting I asked for feedback, and I always got the same answer in my mailbox. It was great and keep acting, but we think the character looks different. Huh?” “I used to go a little heavier too, and that just kept checking.”

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After spending her last year at art school in Laeken, she wanted to get a job, but her mother and two sisters, with whom she had moved to Brussels when she was a seven-year-old, returned to the Netherlands. She chose to stay in Brussels and make it as an actress, much to her mother’s disappointment. “She was a single mother of three, and she didn’t want such an uncertain life for me. When she came back to Holland, she made a drastic decision. I broke off contact. I went for my dream and didn’t want to let anything or anyone stop me. But I was told no for a year.” , and auditioning for roles I wouldn’t get anyway. I gave up on my family, and why?” Their bond is now better than ever. “I know she is very proud of me.”