June 13, 2024

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After the world title, De Garve Card Club also won two Belgian titles

After the world title, De Garve Card Club also won two Belgian titles

Ovasalt/De Haan. The 2024 Belgian Manila Championship was held in De Haan on Saturday 18 May. Traditionally a number of members of the Card Club De Garve from Ophasselt took part in this. The club became Belgian champions in individual and club competitions. Before that, he also won the world title. The club has been in existence for over thirty years, but has been participating in competitions organized by the IWWA for four years, which is a great achievement.

In the individual competition, Gerdy Couvreur of this club was crowned champion of Belgium for 2024. He managed to win no fewer than 11 trees out of 12, a chance of about 1 in 111.

In the club competition, the Belgian title also went to card club De Garve from Ophasselt. It should come as no surprise that Gerdy Couvreur was also part of the winning club. He raised the club average significantly.
Earlier in February this year, Eric van Tuymbeck from Brakel also became the 2024 World Champion in Manila at the 2024 World Cup in Manila in Zulte and he also belongs to Club De Jarff.

FC Gerardsbergen now has the Belgian and World Champions in its ranks, and has also been the reigning Belgian club champion since Saturday 18 May, a unique and unparalleled achievement.

“As an organizer (IWWA) we have never seen that the same club managed to win the Belgian individual title and the world champion in the same year. Moreover, the club also became the Belgian champion in the club competition. A unique event of its kind,” says proud president Luc van Lierde.

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The awards were presented by Wilfried Vandale (Mayor of De Haan) and Mrs. Hilda Dhont (Alderman for Sports and Recreation, among others). Prizes won by everyone: Afterwards, all participants received a beautiful goody bag to take home with Coast Zero beer, a personalized card game, a towel donated by the municipality of De Haan and some tools donated by Immo François from De Haan.

You can read the full results at: https://www.whistiwwa.com/vorigetornooi.

Julian Borremans