June 13, 2024

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Will the Ibiza trip upset Bakayoko and Eindhoven?  “Bullshit in space” – infiltration

Will the Ibiza trip upset Bakayoko and Eindhoven? “Bullshit in space” – infiltration

It has been a surreal season for Eindhoven. PSV Eindhoven has made it through the Eredivisie and has only lost once in the competition. However, Bakayoko and his teammates are now under a lot of criticism for a controversial trip to… Ibiza.

Red devil with stunt transfer?

PSV Eindhoven became official champions two weeks ago after defeating visiting Sparta. It was the culmination of a fantastic season in which PSV Eindhoven lost to NEC and only lost to Borussia Dortmund, who reached the Champions League final after two thrilling matches.

Red Devil Johan Bakayoko also achieved a breakthrough this season by scoring no less than 12 goals and making 9 assists. A good move to a bigger competition could await him next summer.

A rich flowing drink that is an eyesore

Many people from Eindhoven will also be participating during the European Championships in a month’s time, which is why Eindhoven has decided to include a ‘Celebration Trip’ now. The destination was Ibiza and the group of players clearly enjoyed many parties there and the drinks also flowed freely.

However, this journey is now going in the wrong direction with a few teams. Coincidentally, both PSV Eindhoven and Feyenoord will host the basement team on the final day of the match: RKC and Excelsior respectively.

The two teams could still outperform each other on goal difference, so there was quick talk of “distorting the competition”, with PSV potentially looking “less sharp”. It’s a hot topic on social media, but Excelsior coach Dijkhausen, among others, didn’t want to know about it. “I can’t do much with speculation, it’s all nonsense in space. We just have to perform well when we visit Feyenoord.”

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The Dutch Federation also immediately responded with a statement: “There are no rules for this. We assume that all clubs will perform their sporting duty until the last match day.” number.

Photo: Instagram Churandi Sambo