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Again Problems with AMD and TPM on Windows 11 and 10 - Update Fix

Again Problems with AMD and TPM on Windows 11 and 10 – Update Fix

original post 26-01-2022, 16:14 –

Many users of AMD processors are complaining reddit and the Linus Tech Tips Forum About hitches in Windows 10 and 11. The reason is said to be an rpm-enabled firmware version 2.0, called fTPM. Stutters are random and last for a few seconds, and do not appear to be caused by a high CPU or GPU load.

In addition to the image stuttering, sound problems were also mentioned, which can also sometimes be heard for a few seconds. If the fTPM function is turned off in bios, the problem appears to be resolved. Users reported hiccups when enabling fTPM to meet the requirements of upgrading to Windows 11. Similar bugs related to Ryzen’s L3 cache were previously fixed by AMD and Microsoft through various updates, but now the problems also occur in Windows 10. AMD and Microsoft have not responded After the error.

Update 03-08-2022, 11:47 –

AMD has since confirmed that some systems with a Ryzen processor may experience stutter when using fTPM. The manufacturer reports that bios updates with Agesa 1207 or later should resolve this issue, although this fix will take some time. AMD reports that the first updates will be available at the beginning of May at the earliest.

Stutter demonstration.

As a workaround, users Follow the instructions to use the rpm card (link), Where integrated fTPM problems do not occur. This is not always easy to implement, especially in the case of laptops.

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