April 16, 2024

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“Ahmed Samir returned to Egypt and was arrested as a jockey. There was no mattress and hot water in the cell, but beating the guards.”

In June Broken dreams And last years in vain. The stories of the boys, who were never forced into the sins of the best Egyptian youth, are forced to face many months, darkness and misery. In a few days Patrick Jackie He keeps his 30 candles locked in a cell of a horrible prison Dora, Al Cairo; One of his on the same days Comrade And, for all purposes and purposes, colleagues, Ahmed Samir Chandavi, Was imprisoned a few meters away in another section of the same prison since last February Jackie, Should be To get married. The plans were clear: “We will both finish Our study In the respective offices University students At that time we will get married. The Guru These days they were over and the ceremony was fixed immediately. Unfortunately, it is now gone. ”

Heheila Yildis, 31, girlfriend Ahmed Samir Chandavi Who is 29 years old; Of a Turkish father and Belgian mother, Sohila To live Agent, His hometown Fiandre, But he spent exactly half the time in his life Cairo. The two met and started dating Egypt Then proceed to the distant relationship Europe: She’s inside Belgium There, after graduation, today he holds a master’s degree in Islamic Studies and Arabic, he is a Vienna Her research studies on sociology and social anthropology at the Central European University (CU) have been particularly focused on abortion. The similarities between the stories Patrick e Ahmed Sameer They are plentiful and go beyond identity cards and university courses Europe, Adopts the current rule.

Ahmed Sameer Re-entered Egypt In January he received his Ph.D. Vienna – He says Heheila Yildis – I would have joined him on February 1st. We would have been a week Cairo And then return Belgium And inside Austria. I got off that day Alexandria Of Egypt We had to meet Cairo, But we never won. From noon onwards, when he entered the police station (in New Cairo, Ed.) And when my plane touched down on Egyptian soil, He went missing for a few days before returning to life in prison Dora”.

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The student is interested in any way Heaven He has been arrested. In the earlier days National Security, The worst police system serving the regime, searched for him at home, but Santavi Holidays for a few days Tahab, On top of that Red Sea. When he returned to Cairo, they summoned him on February 1, but found nothing serious, so a Sohila That same morning, as she was leaving, she said: “This is one thing Traditions, Don’t worry, we’ll see you in a few hours “. TO Patrick Jackie February 8, 2020 went differently: landing time Cairo International Airport His traces were lost, only to reappear, two days later, in court a Mansoura, Home town Jackie North Cairo. His Patrick The outcry over his arrest Sohila The most important detail says: “What happened Jackie International education has made rounds in realities – says the woman – including Vienna. Ahmed Samir He was very impressed at the time. The two knew each other, not deeply, but each other knew about each other, basically Egypt They were involved in studies and similar activities. Ahmed Samir Participated and organized some initiatives Unity Towards Patrick Jackie a Vienna. It is difficult to say whether this activity exists in Austria Pro jockey His return home may have had an impact on his arrest, But the suspicion really exists. Also, considering the fictitious allegations and the evidence in the hands of the investigators, a few posts Facebook, It is difficult to establish the reason for so much outrage against him. None of these are more than 3 screen shots Ahmed Samir Criticized, not violated, administration International spread In Egypt “.

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We need to talk diligently Santavi His detention came to a tear, update: “Things have changed since May 22 – adding his girlfriend – when Egyptian lawyer He has a new charge. Two counts Almost Similar, Spreading false news without explicitly claiming to be part of a terrorist group, without explicitly stating what it is. The matter of numbers, the truth is, his detention has deteriorated since then. They moved it to the same area Prisoners Politicians, Something difficult, You can find characters like Ala Abdel Fattah (Brother, leader of the Tahrir struggles in 2011 Sanaa Chief, In the cell Women’s prison Conter, And Mona, Ed.). Since then, there has been nothing in the cell Mattress e Hot water, Not likely to get FoodMoney Clothes, Books and Newspapers And should be visited by her Family. On the day he renewed his ninth detention Ahmed Samir A heavy condemnation Aggression By Guards In prison (Including the deputy director of the structure, according to his attorney’s allegations, ed.). He is also his cellmate (former deputy Ziad al-Alimi, Ed.) Wanted to greet a prisoner from the section where the father died. In return, they beat him. ”

Months passed, fate Ahmed Samir, Like it Patrick, Seems to be a handed over The goal Marked by long and unreasonable detention. Weeks and months accumulate e Sohila She had not seen or talked to her boyfriend for more than five months: “Not married yet, I could not get it Permission To see him in prison. I made a formal request Government Belgium Can recommend with Respective embassies To get one Permission Special, I will leave immediately at that time Cairo. In the meantime I slowed down for a while Education Carry out a plan of the heart. Ahmed He loves writing short stories, and I make gods for each of them Maps: It will become a book “.

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