May 27, 2024

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Aidsfonds: HIV does not discriminate and affects all people

Aidsfonds: HIV does not discriminate and affects all people

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“The H in HIV refers to human, because it affects all of us. HIV does not discriminate,” is the response of the Aidsfonds to Democratic Forum leader Thierry Baudt. He said at a party meeting that AIDS, the disease caused by HIV, does not actually occur among “indirect white men.” This enraged Humberto Tan, who described the remarks on his RTL4 television show as “stirring up” with “a racist, homophobic sauce”.

According to Aidsfonds, skin color has nothing to do with AIDS. “It’s about access to life-saving medicines, which are not as well regulated in Africa compared to the Netherlands,” a spokeswoman said. According to Aidsfonds, 37 million people worldwide are said to be infected with the virus “on every continent and of all races and ages”. Approximately 700,000 people die from AIDS each year. According to the foundation, AIDS “almost no longer exists” in the Netherlands. According to Aidsfonds, figures from the HIV Surveillance Foundation show that 13 people died from the consequences in the Netherlands last year. The Aidsfonds do not know the skin color and sexual orientation of these people.

“The number of people contracting HIV is declining thanks to AIDS treatment, birth control pills and condoms,” AidsFunds said in a statement. According to the foundation, about 22,000 people still live with HIV in our country, “who remain healthy with medication and no longer transmit HIV.”


At a meeting of the FVD party in Hirogouvard, Baudette said there was an “irrational” fear of AIDS in the Netherlands. “The chance of a straight white person contracting AIDS is less than the chance of being struck by lightning. In fact, AIDS does not exist for people of white skin.” Bodett says he made the remarks via Instagram to indicate a culture of fear, which, he says, is now also reflected in his approach to the coronavirus.

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Tan reacted emotionally to what he believed to be Baudette’s homophobic and racist remarks. The presenter mentioned examples of his brother and siblings Mark Rutte and Eberhard van der Laan, who died from the effects of AIDS.