April 16, 2024

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AirPods would be so cool

AirPods would be so cool

Isn’t it time for AirPods to get their own app? The application will make it very easy to access all the settings of the earphone. That’s why we’re showing this concept what AirPods might look like!

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Concept: Dedicated AirPods app

With almost every new release of AirPods, the earbuds get more functionality or some settings are added. Sometimes it’s not entirely clear where you can find certain settings for AirPods. That’s why it’s time for your own app!

AirPods app concept: Similar to Apple Watch app

The AirPods app may be similar to the Apple Watch app on your device Iphone. In the first tab of the application, you can easily access your settings AirPods. At the top you’ll see the AirPods you’re currently using. You can also instantly see how the battery is working and it is also possible to switch between different sets of earplugs. Useful if you also have a collection AirPods Pro from AirPods Max You have.

AirPods app draft tabs: Settings, apps, and tips

On the first tab, we also expect multiple buttons for different settings. For example, consider setting spatial sound or automatic ear detection.

In addition, there should of course be clear options for downloading software updates. Software updates regularly cause AirPods owners to ask questions, because there’s not much you can do on your own to start the download. Sometimes, you have to be lucky that you get the update right away.

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That’s why software updates deserve their own place in the app, which is a bit similar to the app before Apple Watch. It would also be nice to receive a notification here when the update is ready.

AirPods app draft tabs

The middle tab of the Apple Watch app lists the different watch faces. AirPods don’t have anything similar, so in this tab, apps and Apple services related to music, podcasts, and music get their own place.

On the third tab, we expect an overview of useful functions and tips, just like the Apple Watch app. This is also where the innovations of any software updates will be placed.

Official AirPods app: What do you think?

We would definitely like to see this concept of the official AirPods app in the next iOS update. what do you think? Missing a real app for AirPods? Or do you think it’s good that way? Let us know in the comments!

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