June 13, 2024

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Do you want a smart ring on your finger?

Do you want a smart ring on your finger?

Apple patented a smart ring that became popular this spring. The designers began working on their version of the Apple Ring and the Ring Pro. Both rings have a touch screen and come with smart functions.

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Soon after the appearance of the first smartphones, wearable devices began to conquer our hearts. From simple fitness trackers to expensive lifestyle-focused smartwatches. Moreover, many already own a pair of wireless earbuds with Google Assistant support, but it won’t stop there either.

Lots of manufacturers are working on smart glasses And this week is another concept for smart ring from Apple. The shows were based on Apple patents and we see the Apple Ring and the Apple Ring Pro. The regular Ring is a gadget with a small curved touchscreen, while the Ring Pro is somewhat larger and looks a bit like the Apple Watch.

The normal Ring will probably be able to display notifications and simple data such as the weather forecast. It can also act as a pedometer. The pro version will be able to display some additional information on its screen, such as the current music track being played. You may be able to scroll through your songs by swiping up on the small screen.

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At the moment, it is not yet known if Apple or another tech company has concrete plans to launch a smart ring. But it certainly seems like a logical complement to us, given the other wearables that are gaining in popularity. We’ve also seen for some time now that technology and fashion are merging more and more.

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