February 6, 2023

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Aldermann wants a radically different interpretation of Groningen Main Station

Aldermann wants a radically different interpretation of Groningen Main Station

The square in front of Groningen main station – also known as the “city balcony” – needs a drastic treatment. It could mean a complete demolition of Stadsbalkon, or a far-reaching intervention. But in any case, the quality of accommodation must be radically improved. This is the opinion of Groningen Alderman Roland van der Schaaf (PvdA).

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According to the local council member, Stationsplein currently mainly has a traffic engineering job. The square is used to get from point A to B, and to stop your bike and leave as quickly as possible. But not as square for a nice stay. And that should be the case, the local council member writes in a letter Reviews On the RTV Noord website.

The municipality of Groningen has recently adopted a new vision of public spaces, a “new space”. In it, this space contains not only the function of traffic, but also the box for doing other things. In the new vision of the municipality, not only public spaces work. The municipality believes that there should also be space for play, picnic, and chance encounter, for trees and benches to sit on, and that the design should take into account climate adaptation and biodiversity.

These new principles should also apply to the base station. “That is why we as the municipality of Groningen now want to think of a different interpretation of the space in front of the main station. It could mean the complete demolition of Stadsbalkon. It could also become a far-reaching intervention, although it is clear to me that the quality of accommodation must be radically improved”, said the member Parliment

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Stadsbalkon as it is today was an innovative answer to the conflicting questions of the time. But nowadays has different requirements. “This is why we are creating a new space in this historic site: a design that radiates love for our beautiful city,” said the councillor in his opinion piece.

(Illustration: Groningen Municipality).