February 6, 2023

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Alex Soze has a mouth bigger than a hippopotamus, but he didn’t dare get a tattoo

It may also be too good to be true Alex Suzy Maybe he’s crazy enough. We’re talking about Alex Soze’s video that went viral on the Internet Friday night, in which we get the impression that everything has the “everything can be broken” text on its forehead. I got a tattoo.

Then he went out Turkish White Tooth Fairy A few days with a hat over his head, so we were already a little suspicious. And it turned out to be true. Alex Soze may have a mouth bigger than the average hippopotamus, but he never really dared get a tattoo in real life. During.

Alex’s girlfriend Romy Susie cheating?

Alex fooled us with his tattoo joke, but maybe Alex is being fooled too. and by his 19-year-old girlfriend, Romy. By the way, you read correctly, Romy appears to be 19, so 42-year-old Alex has to work hard at home to keep up.

But there may already be signs that Alex can’t keep up at all, because Romi appears to have a dating app profile. Her profile on the dating app even has a check mark on it, so the profile can hardly be really Romy. To get a check, you have to imitate a certain pose and upload a picture of it into the app. Then someone looks at the photo to verify who you really are. During.

Alex Soze has a mouth bigger than a hippopotamus, but he didn't dare get a tattoo

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