May 24, 2024

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Alibaba and Tencent should share algorithm details with Chinese government – IT Pro – News

China’s Cyberspace Administration has requested details about the algorithms used by Chinese tech giants. The Chinese government says it is trying to combat data misuse by big tech companies with such measures.

TikTok parent company ByteDance, online store Alibaba, and holding company Tencent, among others, have had to share details about their algorithms with CAC. Bloomberg to report. The executive arm of the Central Committee on Cyberspace is not yet asking for the actual algorithm the company is using. It requires, among other things, a company’s subjective reflection on cybersecurity, as well as a description of the type of data being collected, whether biometric or identity-related data is collected from the user, and the data used to develop algorithms. Train.

CAC may request more information from Chinese technology companies at its discretion. These measures are part of a comprehensive move by the Chinese Communist Party to curb the misuse of user data by tech companies. Recently several laws and guidelines have been issued for this purpose.

Algorithms play a central role here, such code at least partially uses user data. The algorithms are usually viewed by the companies involved as trade secrets; The way the algorithm works partly determines the success of the service. For example, the way Alibaba presents product suggestions determines in part whether or not customers spend money. The algorithm used also determines the user experience on social media. Incidentally, TikTok did not have to share details about the algorithm, but its sister app Douyin, also owned by ByteDance, is under the guidance. TikTok is available exclusively abroad, while Douyin is for the Chinese market.

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Update 8.50pm: An explanation of the rules related to ByeDances social media has been added to the article.