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Flemish government extends €10,000 bonus for demolition and reconstruction: who can apply for this?  |  living

Flemish government extends €10,000 bonus for demolition and reconstruction: who can apply for this? | living

Anyone who demolishes an old house and then builds a new one on the same spot can apply for a €10,000 bonus. The Flemish government has extended the period during which you can apply for a demolition and reconstruction installment until the end of 2023. There are some conditions attached to this. Construction site Livios Goes through what you need to know.

Some buildings are in such poor condition that demolishing them and replacing them with new construction is a better option than renovation. This often actually comes in handy, because under certain conditions The VAT rate for a new home has been reduced from 21% to 6%. However, not all properties fall under this scheme. This is why the Flemish government has been offering a premium on demolition and reconstruction for several years now to those who want to tear down a bad building and build something new on it.

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Level E 24

The demolition and reconstruction premium applies to “a construction project which combines the demolition of one or more buildings in the Flemish area and the reconstruction of one or more houses or apartment buildings on the same site”. The premium is up to €10,000 per construction project and can only be applied once.

Instead of amortizing at the end of this year, the government has now extended the scheme until the end of 2023. The premium amount will remain the same, but the terms of new orders will be tightened. For example, an alternative new building for applications from January 1, 2023 must achieve an energy level of E24 instead of E30.

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electronic level Expresses the global energy performance of your home. This number gives insight into your home’s energy consumption. The lower the electronic level, the less energy the house needs to heat the spaces, produce hot water, electricity, etc.

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honor statement

You apply for the demolition premium within 3 months after approval of the demolition and reconstruction environmental permit. To be eligible, you must swear that you do not qualify for the reduced VAT rate of 6% for demolition and rebuilding, or that you have not or will not apply for it.

So it is important to first check whether you qualify for the reduced VAT rate or not. If you apply for a premium without being entitled to it, it can be reclaimed at any time.

Do you have building or renovation plans? Check in advance in our premium link what benefits you can apply for.

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