May 28, 2024

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Almost brand new Dacia spring!

Almost brand new Dacia spring!

The Dacia Spring has been on Dutch price lists since 2021. Initially it cost less than 18k and you're now paying almost €22,000 for the basic version, but that makes the Spring the cheapest electric car you can ever buy new. To be fair, this is also reflected in the spring. It's small and looks cheap inside and out, and it's not very modern either. This is not surprising, because the Spring is actually the electric version of the Renault Kwid, which has been modified slightly for Europe. This car has been around since 2015 and was intended to be an affordable model for global growth markets, but it has been with us for almost nine years.

The Dacia Sebring has been updated before, although the 2022 update wasn't actually worthy of the name 'facelift'. However, Dacia now more than makes up for that. Almost every painting is new and can be clearly seen. An all-new Duster-inspired nose and tighter rear are joined by evenly taut sides, with horizontal creases that were not there before and a completely different-shaped, much less curved panel at the bottom of the doors. The lighting in the front is still divided into two layers, but the focus is now much stronger on the overhead lighting units. It forms a visual unit integrated with the grille and is equipped with LED daytime running lights. Below them are the actual headlights, whose (hard) halogen light is now distributed through the lenses.

According to Dacia, the roof is the only body panel that remains unchanged. We think so right away, but because the roof rails were removed, something changes on that roof. These roof rails were previously there for decoration only (no roof loading allowed) and removing them provides slightly better aerodynamics.

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The old Spring dashboard is above, and the new one is below. You see: almost everything is new!

Dacia spring 2024

The transformation, if possible, is greater at home than abroad. An all-new, sleeker and more modern dashboard takes the interior look to a much higher level. That doesn't mean it's suddenly become a Rolls-Royce, but it does mean that the small electric car now seems to be embracing its budget-friendly character in a more positive way. Instead of misplaced attempts at camouflage with piano paint, we now see simple, elegant and innovative shapes and colours. The whole thing feels sturdy, there's more storage space than before, and there are all kinds of fun accessories to spruce things up, like phone holders, lights, and a second glove box.

A phone holder is also standard on cheaper versions, where your smartphone can take over the role of infotainment screen through an app. We already know this solution from other Dacias, but it is now also possible in the spring. The standard radio (with Bluetooth) can then be operated using the buttons on the steering wheel and digital instruments. More expensive versions have Media Nav Live, a new infotainment system with a 10-inch touchscreen. As in parent company Renault's cars, the system is based on Google's Android Automotive, which offers all sorts of features. Google Maps is not included in this case, because navigation comes from here. Don't worry: Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are also available.

Dacia spring

2020: Original Dacia Spring

Dacia Spring Electric 65 Extreme

2022: A light facelift that mainly brings a new Dacia logo.

Dacia spring 2024

2024: Only basic lines are still recognizable.

Although the Dacia Spring is still not a long-distance car for many reasons, it is more comfortable for two reasons. The first is the steering wheel, which can be adjusted in height for the first time. On the steering wheel we now find cruise control buttons for the first time, which is also a very nice addition. To meet the latest European requirements, several auxiliary systems will be added to the spring anyway. The best news is that Dacia has found a good way to disable the most annoying of these systems in one fell swoop: a programmable button. Write with us, other automakers!

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Since the spring basis has not changed, this of course also applies to the luggage compartment and the space on the back seat. However, there is also a profit here, because the comprehensive accessories price list includes real “francs”. The charging compartment under the hood can be installed in a few minutes, which means you can use the empty space there to charge cables and other small items. Very pleasant.


And now the bad news: technically, almost nothing has changed in the Dacia Spring. We note some small news, such as the V2L option to power your coffee machine and the option to schedule charging sessions. Spring power remains at 45 or 65 hp, but this higher power is no longer reserved for the more expensive Extreme version. It is also possible to use Expression in the Middle Edition, but at an additional cost.

The Spring still doesn't have a three-phase charger and still maxes out at 30kW on the fast charger, even if the optional option is selected. The battery capacity is 26.8 kWh which is sufficient for a modest driving range of 220 kilometers given the equally modest power consumption.

Is that bad? Not according to Desia. The average spring rider seems to travel 37km a day, so it's more than enough on such an average day, but for outliers, a little extra range is nice. Moreover, competition does not stand still. Volkswagen's budget electric cars will have to wait a while, but the Citroën ë-C3 is already coming and offers more space, more power and more range for an extra few thousand euros. However, the Dacia Spring remains the cheapest electric car in its new form and that too is worth something. We will learn exactly how much a new one costs in the spring. CEO of Renault Group according to autonews He hinted that Spring will be priced more competitively than before. It will be released on the market shortly after that “spring”, specifically in the summer of this year.

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