September 27, 2022

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American jailed for 43 years: Kevin Straw ...

American jailed for 43 years: Kevin Straw …

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After 43 years in prison, American Kevin Strickland (62) was released from a murder. Suggests that Washington Post.

There was no physical evidence that he was at the scene of the crime, his relatives gave him alibi and the killers – who acknowledged their role – said he had nothing to do with it. Kevin Strickland was sentenced in 1979 to life in prison for the murders of Sherry Black (22), Larry Ingram (21) and John Walker (20) a year earlier.

His sentence came mainly because Cynthia Douglas, the only survivor and eyewitness to the three murders, claimed to have seen him. In subsequent years, he tried to withdraw his testimony, claiming he had been pressured by the police, but was not allowed to do so.


Strickland, 62, has now been released from prison after 43 years in prison. For this he submitted several petitions, and the judge ruled that the motive for sentencing in 1979 could no longer be maintained after reconsideration. “Confidence in the sentence was undermined and he was immediately acquitted.”

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