May 24, 2024

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American politicians are paying close attention to the energy use of bitcoin

American politicians are paying close attention to the energy use of bitcoin

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are on the rise in the United States. The United States Congress has a legislature in the country on the issue of bitcoin and energy consumption.

It House Energy and Commerce Oversight Subcommittee Shared On January 13, he plans to talk about “cleaning up” the cryptocurrency industry. The focus is mainly on bitcoin and the Proof of work Mechanism. You have to offer a job to participate as a bitcoin miner. It needs energy. According to some sounds, you are not allowed to use the energy you have, for example, the bitcoin mine. It will pollute.

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Agenda items for this group have not yet been announced. But the question of whether or not it is possible to green Bitcoin will no doubt be debated.

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The issue here is whether Bitcoin as a network is clean enough. What is purity differs exactly by definition and person.

Each party has its own attitude and interests in these types of stories. Bitcoin has its pros and cons. Some of them see the problem in the energy consumption of the miners, while others see mainly positive in the development of mining power for the Bitcoin network.

In addition to the amount of energy used, the origin of that energy is also under discussion. Is the energy mixture ‘green’ enough? Whatever your definition, it is difficult to measure. Bitcoin is a network accessible to all. Miners and users can come and go. There is no clear group of entrepreneurs or companies you can access.

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Recently, The Nederlandsche Central Bank (DNB) has released a report on bitcoin and work certification: “The total carbon footprint of the Bitcoin network will increase by about 25% by 2020, while the number of transactions will decrease by 6%.” Let CO2 be one of the things that politicians, including the United States, see now.

Despite stories like this, the mining industry in the United States is bigger than ever before 2021. Companies spend millions or millions of dollars to establish themselves in the United States with thousands or tens of thousands of mining rigs. Energy companies can also benefit from bitcoin mining.