May 30, 2023

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An agreement to beat strong opponents and a fatal question: two finalists from “Destination X” have been announced

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With the final approaching, the match was played on the penultimate episode of Destination X Played at the forefront. Moreover, the masks have fallen from Dorien and Gino, and they decide to form a pact against the very powerful Jef. He also had to go home at the end of the episode.

After all, there is only room for two candidates in next Monday’s final. Every miss can be fatal. In a medieval monastery of silence, Dorian knew the best way to keep silence, which gave her an extra hint of a secret medieval map with the location of the monastery. But with a little tip and a bit of luck, Jef also manages to find the map.

In a final psychological showdown, Gino and Jeff both manage to get the advantage. But the precious information was not available just before the final. Gino and Jeff faced a dilemma: Have a small talk with loved ones for 10 minutes or ask a yes-no question about where to go out. They both chose the second option, but Jeff decided to ask a very specific yes-no question and wasn’t the wiser to answer. It cost him a place in the final.

When he gets off the bus, Jeff notices that he’s back in Belgium again, more specifically somewhere in Hainaut County. “It was very difficult to put the last X, because we didn’t get a lot of tips. It looked like when the X was ticked. Unfortunately, the others did better after all. Next week you can see who takes home €50,000.

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