February 27, 2024

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An overview of this week's Nintendo Switch 2 rumors

An overview of this week's Nintendo Switch 2 rumors

There are a lot of rumors swirling about the successor to the Nintendo Switch: backwards compatibility and a revised Nvidia chip revealed in March! As always, take every rumor with a large pinch of salt!

during Universo Nintendo, Nintendo's Brazilian website, shared the news. in Podcast with PH Brazil The topic came up. According to PH Brazil this will be the case. For example, the Nintendo Switch 2 will be backward compatible with both digital and physical cartridges and developers will have the opportunity to improve their games. This could give games better performance than the current Nintendo Switch. Nate the Hate also confirmed this via Message on ResetEra.

“Backward compatibility is in place for partners and testing is ongoing.

The biggest unknown seems to be the extent of these improvements.

Backward compatibility and Nintendo

In itself, backwards compatibility isn't too strange for Nintendo, so it's very likely that a direct iteration will have this. Many rumors are already circulating that the successor to the Nintendo Switch will also be a hybrid system. Nintendo has a long history of many of its handheld devices being able to play older games. For example, a Wii or 3DS that plays GameCube or DS games respectively.

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