February 27, 2024

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An unexpected hero saves Barcelona from further deterioration

An unexpected hero saves Barcelona from further deterioration

FC Barcelona started with a much-needed win on Wednesday evening. However, in the home match against Almería, it seemed that a new loss of points was on the way. But that was without a double strike from Sergi Roberto: 3-2.

The defending Spanish champions started the season well, but made some mistakes in recent matches. For example, in the Champions League they lost at Antwerp. In the Spanish League, Barcelona got one point out of 6.

The pressure on coach Xavi and his forces increased significantly. A new misstep by our people against the Red Lantern of Almeria was completely unthinkable. But the Catalan team, which is missing many strong players, had difficulty imposing its will in the first half.

Almeria doesn’t let herself do that

After half an hour of play, Barcelona was able to score. Rafinha was in the right place to make it 1-0 via the rebound. However, the lead did not stay on the scoreboard for long. Almería came along before the end of the first half through Baptistao.

However, the home team took the lead again in the second half. This time Rafinha took on the role of announcer, and Roberto worked in his corner. But then backup goalkeeper Peña fumbled, and then Gonzalez made it 2-2.

Roberto completes the role of the hero

After that, things were looking up for the Spanish champions, as another defeat appeared to be on the cards. But that was beyond Roberto’s account. With his second goal of the evening he gave Barcelona victory at home. This means that the defending champions are once again six points away from leaders Girona, who still have a game in hand.

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