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KV Mechelen registers good win over Standard after early red card for Boukadi

KV Mechelen registers good win over Standard after early red card for Boukadi

  1. 13′ – Red – Merville Bocade
  2. 28′ – Continue. Musa Djenebo, directed by Lucas Nwobi Ngnukam
  3. 35′ – Goal – Norman Bassett (1 – 0)
  4. 45+1′ – Continue. Nathan Njoy by Ebi Hotkit
  1. 51′ – Yellow – David Bates
  2. 59′ – Continue. Maury Konate by Bill Leroy Antonio
  3. 67′ – Goal – Karim Mrabti (2 – 0)
  4. 74′ – Continue. Norman Bassett by Leon Luberbach
  5. 79′ – Continue. Marlon Fossey by Jehan Kanak
  6. 82′ – Yellow – Rob Schoofs
  7. 84′ – Continue. Karim Mrabiti Leonas Malidi
  8. 90+3′ – Penalty goal – Jeffrey Herremans (3 – 0)

Jupiler Pro League – Round 19 – 12/20/23 – 20:46

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Norman Bassett


Norman Bassett

1 – 0


Karim Murabit


Karim Murabit

2 – 0


Jeffrey Herremans


Jeffrey Herremans

3 – 0

Finally another win for KV Mechelen, and Standard continues to advance. Boukadi’s early (and questionable) red card allowed the home team to win for the second time under Besnik Hassi. Bassett opened the scoring, Merabti provided security and Heyrmans scored the final score. Criterion scores 2 out of 12 and sees Malinwa come in after the score.

KV Mechelen – standard in brief:

  • Key moment: Standard emerges from the dressing room with newfound courage, but then Price abandons the ball midway through the second half. Merabti punishes the mistake mercilessly, the match is over at that moment.
  • Man of the match: Jeffrey Hermans was everywhere today. Michelin’s midfield speedster distributed passes, eventually putting the icing on the cake with a 3-0 scoreline.
  • distinct: Standard doesn’t like to visit behind the barracks. This is the fourth match in a row that Roche has lost to KV Mechelen.

Dramatic first half for Standard

Both KV Mechelen and Standard had a frustrating weekend and wanted to shake it off with a great performance. Standard had to do without the injured Alzate and Van Heusden.

After a short study round, the Roches took the lead, and Price fired a long shot into the side netting.

Then the sea opened up behind Bassett. Boukadi confronted the young striker, and referee Potterberg ruled that he had only gone for goal, thus giving Boukadi a red card.

With numerical superiority, KV Mechelen firmly took command. Heijermans fired a free kick over the crossbar and after a beautiful move, hit the post with his left hand from the outside. The home team could also have been awarded a penalty when Fossey pushed Bassett in behind.

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In the end it was Bassett himself who broke Malinois’ spell. Walsh played well deep and was then able to get rid of Laives very easily. Boddart had no chance on the ensuing shot, 1-0 to KVM.

Things went from bad to worse for Standard in the first half, as Ngoy and Djenepo had to be substituted through injury.

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Malinoa finished things off in a beautiful second half

Karl Hofkens clearly brought his men back to the nerves in the dressing room, and Standard started the second half with confidence.

There were no big chances, only him and Kanga managed to shoot on target. Bassett also missed a goal for the home team.

Standard were unable to maintain the high pressure and eventually Price made a mistake. He left the ball to Foulon, Malinoa played it well and in the end Merabti was able to score after a collision.

The spell was broken and then KV Mechelen was pushed on. Opportunity after chance was wasted, and Lauberbach in particular should have been on the scoreboard.

In between, Standard claimed a penalty kick after a handball from Walsh, but Potterberg did not respond.

Eventually, the ball hit the penalty spot at the other end, and O’Neill stopped substitute Malidi’s shot with his arm next to his body. Outstanding player Hairemans did not miss from eleven meters and put the final score 3-0 on the board.

The win puts KV Mechelen in ninth place next to Standard. For the Rouches, the Champions League playoffs are gradually becoming an impossible task.

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Feedback after KV Mechelen – Standard:

  • Karl Hofkens: “We started very well, just as we expected. We were really the better team, until that red card. It’s normal to completely change the game, and then it was tough for us until the end of the first half. So we swallowed a goal that could have been avoided.” “I think we were the better team after half-time and we should have scored. If we had scored I would like to see it again, but in the end we conceded another goal that could have been avoided. Even after that we didn’t completely collapse, until the penalty kick in extra time.” Where we were in the match. I’m proud of my players, I’ve never seen anyone do it. What bothers me most is that our referees are too quick. Once Bassett went down, he already had his ‘red card’ I’m sure this is starting to stand out. We have a lot of setbacks with defenders injured and suspended now. But we are standard, and we have to keep believing in the players who are playing. Even though we got 2 out of 12 “It’s not enough, that’s the truth.”
  • Arnoud Bodart: “The result is disappointing, we came here to get the three points. From the red card onwards, we were behind, especially in the first half. After half-time we came out of the dressing room well, but in the end we still lost. “For me, The red card was after a 50/50 match. “I don’t understand what happened until the end of the first half, we let it go too much.”
  • Hassi Besnik: “This is very rewarding, we really deserved more in the last 3 games. Now we are lucky with that red card and scored at the right moments. We had a tough time in the second half, and the second goal really set us free. “We kept a clean sheet again, so it was a win.” Well deserved. Bassett is a fast young man, not easy to defend against. Although he should be able to hold out a little longer.”
  • Rob Schoofs: “This is a great victory. Even with the red card, a 3-0 win over Standard is not something you take for granted. We were in a good position and had no problems and had a lot of good chances ourselves. There were very few chances.” “We pressed more in the second half, but we stayed calm about it. In the end we probably wanted to exaggerate, but it wasn’t necessary. Although it’s good that the chances were there.”
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Stage after stage

Finish: KV Mechelen wins easily on Standard Combat

The match ended, KV Mechelen won 3-0.

Standard started the second half brightly and had some chances to equalize. In the end, Price gave the home team a goal, but Roche was unable to recover from this blow.

KV Mechelen had chance after chance, and eventually Hairemans made it 3-0 from eleven metres.

Hairemans ends it

Jeffrey Hermans puts the frosting on Michelin’s large cake. He scores the penalty flawlessly and thus gives himself a reward for a strong game.


The pictures are clear. Mallidi steps on O’Neill’s arms, which hang clearly next to his body. Penalty kick for Malinoa.

Hands in standard?

Will KV Michelin get a penalty? At the same stage the ball was still in O’Neill’s hands.

Lauberbach against the crossbar (and Walsh’s face)

What an opportunity for Lauberbach. The German striker had a free header, but hit the crossbar. The ball is back in play and Walsh appears to be able to head it home. However, Leuberbach doesn’t see it coming and throws his foot at the ball, which ends up straight in the right-back’s face. A bit clumsy.

3- Extra time

An additional 3 minutes will be added.

Dame Fullon is playing a solid game and confirms that with a nice burst. The equally powerful Hairemans cannot reach his clashing cross.

Play the show

Schoofs succinctly shows his artistic qualities. He overtakes his opponent with great force and then sends Antonio deep. Lauberbach cannot get off to a good enough start with his cross.

Will Luberbach, his replacement, shine with a goal?

It is now chance after chance for KV Mechelen.

Geert Hermans on Radio 1

Leuberbach has just replaced Bassett and comes into the picture for the first time after a good job by Antonio. However, the striker leaves the ball somewhat clumsily and Price manages to clear it. Less than a minute later he did much better, having his shot from the corner blocked by Bodart.

Kanga is amazing

Standard sticks his nose back into the window. The ball eventually reaches Kanga, who attempts a stunning bicycle kick. However, the attacker does not fully touch the skin and therefore cannot be truly dangerous.