December 1, 2023

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Anderlecht beats La Louviere on a difficult pitch thanks to Benito Raman Kroki Cup 2023/2024

Anderlecht beats La Louviere on a difficult pitch thanks to Benito Raman Kroki Cup 2023/2024

It was clear to Anderlecht fans: winning was the only option. It has been like this in other eras too, but in 2023 Anderlecht are no longer the superpower they once were. Tifo, Pyro and a lot of people. Sometimes a typo may occur in Tivo (CrAkyCup).

Reimer rotated, gave several players looking for minutes their chance, and gave Deriv and Monticelli professional starts.

The lack of playing minutes on the pitch translated into little enjoyment and motivation to work. The Louvier Museum collapsed, and the new boys at Anderlecht struggled.

Until Raman broke the spell after a good move from Patrese. Take the ball away, steam it, hand it over and retrieve it. Benito Raman didn’t mind losing the ball in the suit. The solution was the outside of the right foot, and Vanhamel could only watch.

Tifo, Pyro and all these people – or was it just the reputation of the visitors – certainly had an impact on the home team. After forty minutes of timid football, La Louviere came out of their shell.

The problem: quality. The first patriot remains the first patriot. DupĂ© made one save. It wasn’t easy for the home team either, who thought they deserved a penalty kick. Arnstad tried to recover the lost ball, and Soumare liked to lie down, but the 11 meters did not arrive.

On the other hand, Rimmer brought his big boys: Dolberg, Hazard and Sardella had to remove the latest concerns. Anderlecht improved immediately, but the goals were not possible. Arnstad came close but saw his shot go wide. It also looks like Derev deserves a penalty, but Simonini wasn’t in the mood for 11 meters today.

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Vancamp, an old acquaintance (formerly Anderlecht), had his chance for La Louviere from just outside the center circle, but only found the roof of the goal.

Anderlecht came in, pushed the opposition aside and continued relentlessly. Practical and logical. You can spend a lot of words on him, but Anderlecht had to fight for him on a bad pitch. The 2003 Cup winners are out, but if the manager is to be believed, we will see them again soon. until that time!