May 27, 2024

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Anderlecht players also test the Vincent Kompany chair ...

Anderlecht players also test the Vincent Kompany chair …


Anderlecht fissures. Analytics are performed at all levels after the new points loss against KV Kortrijk. It won’t lead to Vincent Kompany’s resignation this week, but calm within the group of players has also been affected to some extent.

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They live in a state of tension, they feel that the pressure on the coach is increasing and his situation is shaky. The next game on Saturday in Charleroi will be decisive. The group had a day off yesterday, but as of today the preparations for that match will begin. The system may be modified again. Primarily because Raman will be stopped – except in the event of a potential appeal – but also because the tactics with Zirkzee behind the attackers are unanimously unreliable. Right-back Murillo returned after the suspension. Some analysts, such as Walter Pasiggio, are also arguing for Adrien Trebel’s return, but the RSCA can no longer afford it.

Only Fyler did the worst

With 22 out of 45 in the competition, Vincent Kompany’s balance sheet looks particularly meager. Of the coaches who have been fired from Anderlecht in the past 20 years (and who had started the season), only one has scored fewer points on average in competition in the season in which he was sacked.


Renee Wheeler: 1.29 points per game

Vincent Company: 1.47 points per game

Heine Vanheisbrück: 1.63 points per game

Frank Vercouturen for: 1.77 points per game

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John van den Brum: 1.86 points per game

Bisnik Hasi: 1.87 points per game

Frank Vercauteren ll: 2 points for each game

Ariel Jacobs: 2 points per match

Hugo Bros: 2.40 points per match