April 23, 2024

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Anderlecht's Promises beat Standard during "the most important ...

Anderlecht’s Promises beat Standard during “the most important …

It’s all about making the top four. This applies not only to Jupiler Pro League, but also with promises. The various top clubs are attaching additional importance to the Under-23 competition this season, because the top four are allowed to go to 1B at the end of the season. It’s also a reason why major players get a few minutes more playing time in U21 than usual. “We really want to go to 1B, so this year’s results are also very important within the larger process,” says Promise coach Robin Feldman. “The participation is so high. Even Francis Amouzzo, Anouar El Hajj and Sergio Gomez are now in the locker room.”

In Anderlecht, Bart Verbruggen was under the bar against Standard and Lisandro Magellan’s summer acquisition was pivotal in defence. Men like Zino Debast, Nils de Wilde, Kylian Sardella, Antoine Kolasin and Christian Arnstad are also training with Vincent Kompany’s first team, but they started with promises on Monday night. Marco Cana also appears regularly in the U23 squad, but this time he was not.

The race had to be interrupted five minutes early because the sprinklers suddenly started wetting the terrain and no one could find the stop button. An ironic accident if you know that the Anderlecht players were still amazed during the Clasico a good week ago because the stadium in Schlesen didn’t get tired. Wednesday evening saw several hundred enthusiastic fans. “I don’t want to call it doping yet,” Feldman said afterwards, “but that support from the fans has been a very, very motivating one.” “Proponents have given us a boost,” Dibast added. “that was awesome. Hopefully many of us will soon be able to shine in the first team.”

Kolasin as a midfielder

It was a serious first chance for Niels de Wilde, who decided to go Standard goalkeeper Mathieu Ipolo – who has a purple and white past. In the half hour it was Antoine Kolasin who gave Anderlecht the lead. “Colacino” accurately hit a free kick from a distance of twenty meters into the far corner. Kolasin, who played as a top-level striker two seasons ago, was central in midfield against Standard. It only took two minutes before another midfielder, who made a good impression, headed in 2-0 against De Wilde. Dibast also looked sharply central in defence.

The Standard brought very little, but it came with a break in sight. Daniel Labella came first with a harmless long shot, then hit the ball over the crossbar. After the break, the rhythm disappeared from the game. There wasn’t much to do and had to wait until the hour for his first little chance when De Wilde headed out to Epolo. Halfway through the second half, Roche made the peg goal. The skewed free kick was unbearable for goalkeeper Verbruggen.

With some difficulty, Anderlecht remained upright, and thus also unbeaten. After four matches, he still has the maximum points. The Purple & White is not the leader at the moment, because Genk has played another game and counts fifteen out of fifteen. “The fans created positive tension. The first half was very good. After that it was less. That’s how true we are,” said Captain Theo Leone.

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Anderlecht main team: Verbruggen, Magallan, Debast, Sardella, Mehssatou, Arnstad, De Wilde, Leoni, Stassin, Colassin, Stroykens

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