April 17, 2024

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Android 14 krijgt mogelijkheid om verbinding te maken met satellieten

Android 14 has the ability to connect to satellites

Connecting to your phone and satellite is not easy. Google is now working on making this possible on Android. For this, the company works with various parties. The function must be available in Android 14.

Satellite connection in Android 14

Android 13 It has hardly been released or the first messages about Android 14 have appeared. Google has confirmed that it is working on an option that will allow you to connect to satellites with your Android device. This is done in cooperation with different partners, although this will not be discussed in detail. However, Android 14 is explicitly mentioned where the functionality should be available.

The news follows the news that T-Mobile (in the US) and SpaceX will work together, offering chat and text services in regions without cellular coverage. SpaceX satellites will have large antennas that use T-Mobile frequencies. Now you need an expensive private satellite phone for this. By the way, the connection is still very slow this way.

At a later stage, it is also assumed that it will be possible to make calls and use the mobile Internet via a satellite connection on your smartphone. The ambition is to work with more service providers in more countries, and to enter into partnerships with various other parties, such as messaging apps like WhatsApp. According to rumors, Apple wants to equip its new iPhone 14 models with the SOS function that is broadcast by satellite.