May 31, 2024

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Android Auto bug ignores driver selection

Android Auto bug ignores driver selection

Android Auto has recently been widely developed by Google. The app, which can work with many different entertainment systems, is getting more and more different functions. Every now and then an annoying error appears, like this one.

If you are an Android Auto user, navigation will be one of the most common activities. You can of course use Google Maps for this purpose, but you can also choose Waze, TomTom Go, Sygic, or other apps that provide navigation.

And of course, because you are a responsible driver, you can enter the address you want to navigate to with your voice. Google Assistant will then ensure that the navigation app of your choice carries out the command. At least, that's the intention.

A number of users have discovered that Google Assistant always chooses Google Maps, even if the driver has a different preference. Even if you're already using another app at the time, the system will still choose Google Maps

Fortunately, Google is quick to respond this time. Version of Google application Contains a fix for this annoying bug.

Google is well involved in the rat race called AI. Android Auto will also use the options offered by Gemini. For example, Android Auto will summarize the messages you receive. You can have this summary read to you so that you can immediately decide whether you want the answer or not. The AI ​​will also understand the context of the message and suggest the appropriate response or action.

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For example, you can send an ETA to the “When will you arrive” message with a single action.

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