May 24, 2024

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Announcing at least 16 new bankruptcies!

Announcing at least 16 new bankruptcies!

On Tuesday, the corporate court in Tongeren issued 16 bankruptcy decisions. This is the record of recent years. Hopefully it’s a one-off and not the start of a new wave of bankruptcies… You can read who will be there this time in the list below.

– Commercial brokerage All Technology Investment Group or ATI Group (Oudsbergen)

– Willem Vangelofen Bakery (Ma’asek)

– Rizan Bakery (Maasmechelen)

– DND International Cars (Riemst) car dealership

– M&O Horeca (De Passerel, works of deceased Quartermaster Joël Manshoven, Tongeren)

– Chef Penny Staines (Maastricht)

– Paintings by Gilbert Krenz (Zutendaal)

– Danny’s Beton Creation (Genk) Concrete Works

– Bo-Fi (GenK)

– Declatch Bar (Maasek)

– Chip Shop ‘Te Politije (Lanakin)

– Eyckenboom Anastacia (Lanaken, see ‘t Bouletje)

– Kenny Hansen (Lanakin, ditto)

– Lou concept store by Ann Briers (Alken)

– Stephanie Bianchi (or Café Carrera, Massachusetts)

– Restaurant Alvaci (Tongeren)

The first six files from this list were entrusted to the curator Filkeners. Last 10 to the curators, Rene and Lou Guedes. Claims must be submitted by June 20th.

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