July 16, 2024

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“You Didn’t Get a Chance” – Songfestival.be

“You Didn’t Get a Chance” – Songfestival.be

Euphoria among the participants who qualified from the first semi-final to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. Disappointment, as well as pride, can be heard among the candidates who have to go home again. A selection of the most striking reactions.

For the first time since 2015, the Netherlands will not reach the Eurovision Song Contest final. Unlucky candidates Mia Nicolai and Dionne Cooper immediately gave a brave response to the Dutch press afterwards. “Of course we are annoyed,” Cooper kicks off against M. “We had a very tough semi-final. There were no more jury members to vote on the entries.

According to Mia, they “gave it all they had”, but they did ‘Bad luck’ this year. Dion again mentions the bumpy path of the two. “We’ve been on a crazy journey and we’ve had to overcome a lot of obstacles.” Mia is also confident about her future as a musician and artist.

The AVROTROS team is still very proud of them, according to the duo. Something the presenter also repeated on social media. bee Duncan Lawrencethe duo’s mentor and co-writer of Burning daylight The disappointment is a little bigger. He says he has mixed feelings about being excluded. As a previous winner, Duncan will appear on Saturday during the final. He says he wants to dedicate his performance to Mia and Dionne.

indignant response

A completely different sound with Irish of Wild Youth. Frontman Connor O’Donohoe (picture) Developed indignant reaction on instagram. We’ve done everything we can. It was amazing! But the truth is, they never gave Ireland a chance. Sorry if we let you down,” he writes to vent.

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Obviously, the reaction, which was written on a whim, did not please the followers of the Irish singer. Meanwhile, the message was indeed taken again.


We lost our hearts on stage

The three sympathetic gentlemen of The Busker can also pack their things (and their sweaters) again. The Maltese brought a party to the stage, but this was not enough to get a ticket to the final. On Instagram, they thank the entire team and the Maltese public for the tremendous support. “We lost our hearts on the stage‘ It seems.

Front singer David Melack also advises other artists to try their luck next year. He refutes the criticism that it makes no sense to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. He sees the whole event as being Nice starting point for another profession.

We know that every year there are people who say there is no point in participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. This is not true at all. We started with 1,200 followers on Instagram at the time, and now we have 14,000 followers. This was a great opportunity for us to show ourselves to people.


In the countries we see again on Saturday, a sense of gratitude prevails.

But also the boys from Latvia, who unfortunately have to go home, have the same feeling.

Find comfort in each other

Released earlier today The video is below on the Instagram page from TuralTuranX. The boys from Azerbaijan were not able to qualify and get comfortable with their fellow candidates.