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Another difficult message for Big Brother: Vera's grandfather passed away |  Television

Another difficult message for Big Brother: Vera’s grandfather passed away | Television

TelevisionOn Wednesday evening it was a rather depressing atmosphere at Big Brother’s house. Candidate Vera Dykstra has been told that her grandfather has passed away. It’s already the third time this season that the well-known voiceover has reported tough news. Kitty’s father also died during the program. Unfortunately, Han’s girlfriend lost her mother.

After all nominations were over, Vera was asked to return to the diary room. There, the blonde was told that her grandfather had died. Vera’s grandfather lived in the Dominican Republic and was 76 years old. Vera herself had not seen the upcoming news. “I was shocked that I couldn’t talk to him, I didn’t even know he was sick. It comes out of nowhere,” said the ‘Big Brother’ candidate. It seems Vera’s grandfather was diagnosed with cancer about two weeks ago. Then his health rapidly deteriorated.

wrong choice

In mid-January, Big Brother’s kitty received tough news to deal with. It turns out that her father is dead, but Kitty chooses not to leave the house. Apparently, the blonde had made arrangements in advance with her family and children. Her father has already had health issues for the past year and a half and has also been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He was hospitalized late last year. In the end, Kitty had to leave the “Big Brother” house after all. It was voted home by the viewer.

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Kitty “Big Brother” © Play 4

“I was so stupid. So stupid,” she replied, with tears in her eyes. “I am really broken. I have sacrificed my whole life and served others. Every time I get the bill. How angry I am at myself.” During her duel with Peter, Kitty had the opportunity to buy an exemption for 100 euros. However, Kitty chose food for the group and made a wrong decision.

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