December 1, 2022

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Antwerp giants still No. 4 in qualifying |  Basketball

Antwerp giants still No. 4 in qualifying | Basketball

In basketball, the playoff schedule is known. With a BNXT win over Feyenoord (71-91), the Antwerp Giants finished fourth and had a ground advantage in the quarter-finals.

Ostend (first) and Kangaros Mechelen (second) were already sure of their place in the semi-finals of the Belgian qualifiers. Leuven, Bergen and the Antwerp Giants competed for third, fourth and fifth place in their country on the final day of the BNXT League.

Leuven did nothing wrong at Zwolle (57-82), as did Bergen at Den Bosch (83-80). As the Antwerp Giants easily beat Red Lantern Feyenoord (71-91), they saw the house advantage slip away in the playoffs.

The quarter-final matches will begin next Tuesday. The Giants greet Bergen, Leuven takes home sixth for Charleroi.

Whoever wins twice; push through. The winner of Antwerp-Bergen will play Ostend, the winner of Leuven-Charleroi will play against Mechelen.

Quarter-final qualifiers
Antwerp giants to give up May 3, 5 and 7
Lovin Bears Charleroi

Defending champion Ostend and No. 2 Kangaroos Mechelen qualified directly to the semi-finals.

BNXT دوري League

Results April 26th and 29th
Antwerp giants Feyenoord 98-65
The Hague Aren’t you 58-85
Zvol Lovin 57-82
den bush to give up 83-80
to drive Micklin 84-67
Groningen Ostend 70-87
Feyenoord Antwerp giants 71-91
Leeuwarden Charleroi 79-93
The Hague Brussels 53-82
Bachelor Limburg shutter 68-70
Amsterdam Aren’t you 58-85
Yost United Limburg United 84-111

Golden Elite

WV ptn
1. Ostend 8-2 36
2. Micklin 8-2 34
3. Leiden (Dutch) 6-4 33
4. Lovin 8-2 32
5. Den Bosch (Netherlands) 4-6 31
6. Antwerp giants 6-4 31
7. Groningen (Netherlands) 5-5 31
8. to give up 5-5 30
9. Zwolle (Netherlands) 0-10 25
10. Feyenoord (Ned) 0-10 24

In Elite Gold, each club plays 10 matches. Teams from the same country do not play against each other. There is a battle for a place in the national playoffs. The two highest-ranked clubs from each country advance directly to the semi-finals of this national qualifier. The other three clubs qualify for the quarter-finals.

Silver Elite

WV ptn
1. Charleroi 10-0 34
2. Limburg United 8-2 31
3. Aren’t you 9-1 31
4. Leeuwarden (Netherlands) 5-5 28
5. Bachelor Limburg 5-5 27
6. Brussels 7-3 27
7. shutter 6-4 26
8. West United (Ned) 1-9 24
9. Apollo Amsterdam (Netherlands) 2-8 24
10. Dean Helder (Ned) 2-8 24
11. The Hague (Netherlands) 0-10 19

In the Silver Elite, each club plays 10 matches. Due to the odd number of teams, a number of Dutch clubs still play against each other to the tune of 10 matches played. There is a battle for the last card to the National Playoffs. The highest-ranked club in each country will qualify for the quarter-finals. Other clubs are vying for their place in the cross-border playoffs. Only for the lowest-ranked club in the Silver Elite did the season end after the border-crossing phase.

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