June 21, 2024

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Antwerp win 10 men and an own goal in stoppage time against Syring

Antwerp win 10 men and an own goal in stoppage time against Syring

After a tough match, which left Antwerp with ten men after 63 minutes by knockout of Samatta, The Great Old managed to win 0-1 at Seraing thanks to an own goal from Dietsch. In doing so, the second place in the ranking puts pressure on the leader of the Federation.

Your name will be Gil Patai. In recent weeks, the West Flemish right-back for Antwerp has regularly been criticized for being too weak. Against Syring, Patai could have had two passes in the first half. Unfortunately for him, Ali silently refused to cooperate. Patai offered the Tanzanian an impeccable chance twice with a fine cross pass. As is often the case, Samatta decided directly on Dietsch.

Antwerp was master and master of Liege in the first half. Despite the wet grass, Great Old played the ball smoothly. In midfield, Haroun’s Faris was allowed to start the match for the first time in nearly a year due to Berger Firststreet’s absence. The captain acted as a lock on the door. For him, Nainggolan and Yusef can do their job. Both Antwerp midfielders performed well in the match, as did Miyoshi who introduced himself several times between the lines.

The fact that Antwerp did not score before the break was not only Samatta’s fault. The ball doesn’t seem to want to get in. The attempts by Nainggolan and Miyoshi by Dietsch’s foot and respectively ended. Five impeccable chances in half hour soccer. Antwerp did not succeed in a full match against Al Ittihad.

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It must be said: Sarang gave the visitors a lot of space, especially at the start of the first half. In addition, the home team hardly showed anything offensive. Forty minutes have already passed when Jean Botize took the first ball. Volleyball in a free kick by Mazez from a height of about thirty meters.

At the end of the first half, Syring put his nose in the window. Mazes proved to be the most dangerous man on the home team by far. The Frenchman came close to the opening goal at the end of the first half absolutely after gaining a large space from Patai. Fortunately for Antwerp, Maziz’s eyebrow was just as sharp as Samatta’s.

red for silence

Syringe walked out of the locker room with more diligence. Antwerp had a harder time imposing their will than in the first half. Just before the hour, the great old man was there again. Baliquicha – who had been very absent until then – was looking for Youssef well in front of goal. The Nigerian flew away.

Due to the lack of scoring opportunities, the referee caused a stir after an hour. After a strong intervention by Samatta on the former Antwerp player Bernier, Arthur Denel took the red card from his back pocket. Very strict rule. So did the VAR, who invited Denel to the screen. The reference stood firm.

Photo: BELGA

Antwerp had to keep up with ten for the last half hour. And also without a deep striker. Top scorer Frey had to be given sick leave, just like Johannes Eggstein. With youngster Bruni Nesemba there was only one real striker on the bench. Priske decided to take Miyoshi aside for Pieter Gerkens twenty minutes before the end. Limburger was allowed to act as an accidental striker.

Five minutes before the end, it looked absolutely terrible for Antwerp. Once again VAR invited Denel to the screen. This time to watch an alleged foul by Dessoleil in the penalty area. Denel ruled that Syring did not deserve a penalty. The Bank of Antwerp breathed a sigh of relief.

In the middle, Brisky had also thrown a real striker with Nessimba. Ironically, it was the defender who decided the match. After a free kick by Nainggolan, the ball fell at the feet of Denis Almeida in the 92nd minute. With a skewed shot, the Portuguese pushed the ball past Deitch. Thus, Antwerp scored three difficult points.

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