December 6, 2023

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New coach Yves Vanderhaeghe KV Oostende: "The pressure in Cercle was exactly the same as ours" |  Jupiler Pro League

New coach Yves Vanderhaeghe KV Oostende: “The pressure in Cercle was exactly the same as ours” | Jupiler Pro League

Vanderhaeghe was already at the helm of the Kustboys between 2015 and 2017. Successfully: he led the club to the cup final and first European season, before leaving for AA Gent Club. Now back to the old nest. “Ives knows the competition, the club, and is a good coach and people manager who can make the most of the players,” said Gauthier Jani, CEO of KVO. He signed a contract until the end of the season.

Ostend saw the departure of Alexander Plessin last month. The German opted to venture into the Genoa football club, paying €2m for his transfer expenses. Marcus Pflanz, Plessin’s assistant, took over temporarily. He is now an assistant again. After 4 out of 6, KV Oostende moved to 14th place, with 5 points more than Seraing’s second-last number.


In our opinion, the results Cercle Brugge is now achieving are the direct result of Vanderhaeghe’s good work.

Gauthier Janie

“We followed Eve closely because we were very impressed with the way Circle played under him,” Jani, who is currently recovering from a Covid infection, said on the KVO website. “His teams are always very well organized and organized defensively, but also have the freedom to attack. In his recent experience with Circle, their pressure was very similar to ours. In our opinion, the results they are achieving now are a direct result of his good work. During a conversation that lasted several hours, I was convinced he was the right man to take over now. I was really impressed by how well he was able to evaluate our players and their qualities.”

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Waltz coaches for the 2021-2022 season in our competition:

† September 15, 2021: Peter Mays has the dubious honor of being the first coach to be expelled from the season at 1A. Limburger has to leave Beerschot seven days after the match and 1 in 21. Kloppmann Marc Noe takes charge temporarily.

† September 21, 2021: A coaching team of four coaches must pull Beerchot out of the doldrums. He was succeeded by Argentines Javier, Diego Torente, Frank Magermann and Greg Vandredt Peter Maes. Javier Torente bears the ultimate sporting responsibility.

† October 4, 2021: Mbaye Lee, like his assistants Patrick Aselman (T2) and Eric Defleander (T3), must resign from Standard after 13 out of 30. The trio of Jeffrey Fallen, Kevin Capras and Regional Gorrocks are temporarily in charge.

† October 7, 2021: Luka Elsner unilaterally breaks his contract with KV Kortrijk to become coach of Standard. The Slovenian gets Will Still by his side as an assistant.

† October 12, 2021: KV Kortrijk appoints Karim Belhoucine to replace Luca Elsner. The Algerian-French, who was once a player, assistant coach, head coach and sporting director at KVK, signed an indefinite contract.

† November 28, 2021: Despite a 3-1 win over KV Mechelen, Yves Vanderhaeghe has to quit Cercle Brugge. Sixteen days into the match, Union was penultimate with 13 out of 48. The former Red Devil has been a coach there since February.

† November 28, 2021: Dominic Talhammer has been appointed as the new head coach of Cercle Brugge just hours after Yves Vanderheighe was sacked. The Austrian has signed a contract until June 2023.

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† December 6, 2021: KRC Genk has ended the collaboration with John van den Brom. The Dutchman has been with the Limburgers since November 2020, who are eighth in the Jupiler Pro League after seventeen days of matches. For now, Glen Riddersholm and Domenico Olivieri will take over the daily sport driving as a tandem.

† December 7, 2021: Bernd Stork succeeds John van den Brum as head coach of KRC Genk. The 58-year-old German has signed an indefinite contract.

† December 17, 2021: Zolt, Warghem and coach Frankie Dory ended their collaboration by mutual agreement. Dory, the longest-serving coach in the Jupiler Pro League, resigned as coach after the season, but Essevee, who had fallen to the penultimate position in the standings, intervened earlier. Assistants Davy DeVo and Timmy Simmons take over the task.

† December 27, 2021: Syringe says goodbye to coach Jordi Condom after the 2-0 defeat against Michelin. The 52-year-old Spaniard has been head coach of Le Pairy since the start of the season.

† January 3, 2022: Jean-Louis Garcia is Syring’s new coach. The French signed a contract for a year and a half.

† January 3, 2022: Philippe Clement leaves Club Brugge on an adventure with Monaco in the first French league. He is succeeded by Dutchman Alfred Schroeder at Blauw-Zwart.

† January 19, 2022: Alexander Plessin leaves KV Oostende and becomes coach of Genoa, where he will sign the German until 2024. Assistant Markus Pflanz is in charge at the moment.

† February 7, 2022: Javier Torrente shot the Red Lantern Beerschot, which gradually became a hopeless situation. Greg Vandredt is currently in charge of Kiel.

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† February 11, 2022: Yves Vanderhaeghe returns to KV Oostende as head coach. He signs a contract until the end of the season, but a longer stay is not excluded. Between 2015 and 2017, he was already a KVO coach.