May 30, 2024

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YLA won the nerve-wracking cup final after a penalty shootout, leaving OH Leuven empty-handed once again.

YLA won the nerve-wracking cup final after a penalty shootout, leaving OH Leuven empty-handed once again.

YLA won the Belgian Cup for the first time in the club's history. The club only settled with Oh Leuven after the penalty shootout. After 120 minutes, a balanced match at Den Drif Stadium ended in a 1-1 draw. The club did not miss a penalty kick and won the penalty shootout 2-4.


  • 45+2': Sar Janssen (1-0)
  • 63': Caitlin Levins (1-1)

More than 120 minutes of football, two goals and eight penalties were needed to decide who could put the Belgian Cup into the empty cupboard for the first time.

Perhaps no one expected Club Brugge to be the underdog.

Because OH Leuven had the mental advantage: a better ranking in the Women's Super League and a cup final at home.

OH Leuven also started the game better and managed to take the lead after 10 minutes, but Kuijpers shot the club's keeper from close range and Van Dijk fired the rebound over the crossbar. Zommers also did not find her way to the goal with her head, but she reached it.

Club YLA had weathered the OHL rush and was waiting for itself. Vanmechelen almost had a free path to goal on the half-hour mark after OHL goalkeeper Lammertijn flapped on a long ball. Only offside prevented the match from turning.

After a more difficult period, the OHL team was still on the inside offensive just before halftime. The Covent goalkeeper felt, for a moment, truly unbeatable after Zoomers' efforts and Detroiter's beautiful curl.

Eventually, she had to succumb to a deflected shot from Janssen that flew over her and into the goal. 1-0 at the end of the first half. Good scenario for the OHL.

The OHL gave up the same lead

But Leuven refused to put in a good performance at the start of the second half. After a quick pass from Saar Janssens, the ball fell to Bezmans, who put it high over the goal from close range.

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There was still no problem, and yet Leuven's defense surrendered the entire game. They slowed down and made mistakes, and Levins got the ball at his feet and didn't hesitate to score the equaliser.

A blow from which Leuven had to recover, an additional incentive for Klopp to maintain and perhaps increase the equal score. There were no longer any real chances, as the two teams continued to fall behind until the end of regular playing time.

Covent Cup and Boutibi champions

Despite the short intermission, barrels remained empty and energy levels low in overtime. Everything was balanced, and the only thing was clear: penalty kicks had to decide who could lift the cup.

The decision will be made on the side where Leuven's supporters were sitting. This is not always an advantage.

As Nikée Van Dijk started the penalty series with a false penalty, the poor spot-kick almost rolled into the arms of Covent. Four penalty kicks later, Mertens made the same mistake.

The YLA club remained clear. Boutibi kept their composure and once again crowned themselves the absolute Cup champion for the people of Brugge by slowly, but well placed, slotting home the decisive penalty kick.

Tears flowed from both sides, one from joy and the other from sadness. The third time, an exciting time for YLA, who can claim the cup for the first time in the club's history.

Oud-Heverlee Leuven is once again suffering from a serious hangover. If you don't want to remain worthless, all hope now turns to the equally exciting title race.

OHL Coenraats coach: “We gave it up ourselves”

  • Jimmy Koenratz (OHL head coach): “It's very sad. Especially when you miss two open chances, you don't take your moments and give them as a gift. We were not sharp on Saturday, after putting everything together I thought it would be today, but that was not the case. It's unfortunate. There are not many words that can be said.” To describe the feeling in this way, the focus has suddenly changed. We are already working on Saturday to demand more maturity and we have to show it in matches like this. “They did not do that. The women took responsibility in the penalty shootout, you know it is a lottery, so it should not be done. We consider this a positive thing for us.”
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Marie Detroyer: “I should have finished it on penalties”

  • Marie Detroyer (OHL): “It's really bad, to put it in a bad way. We had to give 100% for this game and we didn't succeed. We play tomorrow, and the games will start again soon, so we have to be ready for that. Everyone was on the penalty kicks, although the nerves “It can't go away completely. We should have finished before those penalties. Maybe it will be a boost, as we go 200% instead of 100% with one trophy that one day finds a place in my cupboard, but I'll put it aside for now.”

Oh Leuven – Club Brugge

The End: YLA FC wins the cup on penalties!

Boutibi crowns herself the absolute cup champion. She kicked the winning penalty slowly, but well placed past Lamertin.

YLA Club wins its first award in history. Tears flow on both sides. Happiness with blue and black, disappointment with white, green and red.

Mertens misses!

Xenia Mertens takes the penalty kick in the same way as Van Dijk. Poor and bad. Take Covent.


Vanmechelen sends Lammertijn the other way and pushes a 2-3 into the net.


Veefkind also doesn't hesitate and stays on the same side with her kick. She makes it 2-2.


Martlé delivers a near-exact copy of Biesmans' penalty. She's recording. The club is at 1-2!


Celien Guns makes no mistake, as she gives YLA the lead for the first time in the match.

Van Dijk misses!

OHL mock strategy. Nicky van Dijk takes a very modest penalty. No problem for Covent to take the shot.

There was a toss to one side. Penalty kicks are taken on the side where the Leuven supporters are sitting. So the OHL has a slight mental advantage over Club.

The OHL's last chance is also not possible

End: OHL 1-1 YLA Club

120+2': Steer Gillen makes a mistake in an interesting position. Well applied by Emma Brehm. This is a last chance for Lovin'.

The free kick was taken away by Boutibi, but the ball fell to Van Dijk. When it hits, Abrahamson gets that shot right in the stomach. The referee's signal to blow the whistle for the end of the match.

118': The minutes are about to end. Veefkind gives another corner kick. Delivery We know that those from the foot of Vanmechelen pose a danger. The corner kick was cleared at the second post.

116': Lamertin has no memories of worrying about the equaliser, as she is now very calm when playing away from home. Boutibi is on the verge of arriving, but the OHL goaltender remains calm.

115': Angel Kerkhove is completely exhausted. Chione Bonnie takes her place.

The OHL defends poorly, and the club does not benefit

112': Martel is able to cross again, but her cross hits everything and everyone.

Again not just for the YLA club

110': Now Van der Linden reads Klopp's cross well. She relieves a dangerous opponent from Martel.