March 28, 2023

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AOC announced new P3 displays with a focus on USB-C and webcams

The new AOC P3 displays consist of seven models in three screen sizes. You can choose from models with a webcam, USB-C, or both.

Inside the new P3 monitors, available from February, AOC has something for everyone. You can choose from models with or without an onboard webcam and with or without a USB-C connection.

Each model supports VESA 100 so you can attach a monitor mount of your choice. The stand supplied as standard is adjustable in height for comfortable working. If you take a webcam form, you also get Windows Hello facial recognition support. You can click the camera down for more privacy. For a perfect picture, you can tilt the webcam.

To indicate the assortment, you should look at the last two digits of the type number. From that you can see if it’s with or without a webcam, and with or without USB-C. Overview:

With a webcam, without USB-C

More expensive models can be found under the QW denominator under the type number. The AOC 24P3QW has a 23.8-inch HD display, 2-megapixel webcam, and built-in speakers. If you’d prefer to be a bit larger or have a higher screen resolution, you’ll end up with the AOC Q27P3QW. It has a 27-inch QHD screen with the same webcam and speakers.


Both models will be available from February. The suggested retail price for the AOC 24P3QW is €269. The larger AOC Q27P3QW costs 369 euros without a prescription. Both prices include VAT.

With USB-C, no webcam

If you don’t want an in-display webcam but do want USB-C, you should take a look at the CV models. They come with a wide docking station including an RJ45 network connection. The displays support up to 65W via USB-C to charge a laptop.

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Each monitor has a built-in KVM switch so you can easily control two computers with the same keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Each model has built-in speakers.


The AOC 24P3CV (€289 including VAT) is the cheapest and has a 23.8-inch HD screen. Those who want bigger can go for the AOC Q27P3CV (€419 including VAT) with its 27-inch QHD panel. Fans of an ultrawide screen can consider the AOC CU34P3CV (549 euros including VAT). It has a 34-inch panel with a screen ratio of 21:9 (3440 x 1440 pixels).

With a webcam and USB-C

Those who want to combine the best of both worlds with USB-C and a built-in webcam should look for the type numbers with CW on the back. The AOC 24P3CW has a 23.8-inch HD display, 5MP webcam, USB-C port, and built-in speakers. If you want more screen space and higher resolution, you can go for the AOC Q27P3CW. It has a 27-inch panel with a QHD resolution.


Both models will be available from February. The suggested retail price for the AOC 24P3CW is €329. The larger AOC Q27P3CW costs €439 without a prescription. Both prices include VAT.