June 20, 2024

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Apple HomePod mini will launch at the end of March in the Netherlands and Belgium for 109 euros – picture and sound – news

I love that. I have Hue lights, Hue motion sensors, Xiaomi bulbs/light strips, Xiaomi/Aqara temperature sensors/light sensors/motion sensors/window open sensors/etc, Netatmo security cameras, Netatmo video doorbell, Eve sockets, Tado thermostats, radiators and maybe Some things I forget now.

All Homekit are suitable. Now I must add that Homekit works flawlessly for me on the one hand, but at the same time it’s not the valhalla that you might expect from it. The biggest advantage is that there are no mandatory subscription costs (or you have to add iCloud + 200GB/2TB for more HKSV cameras) and it’s all in one interface. The biggest drawback is the limited automation options, especially what-if sequences or even simple notifications. However, there are many third party platforms like homebridge to integrate with Homekit or build on top of Homekit to get this done. For example, think about the notifications Apple doesn’t support in the Homekit or a fake key action that can act as a trigger in the automation. One-time setup and you’ll stay on Homekit.

I don’t know of any other platform that integrates well with everything in 2022. I have about 50 automations and with the exception of one very specific that also works with external integrations, they all work flawlessly. Thread could be a good alternative/competitor, but it’s not there yet.

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