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Apple iOS 15.0.1: Should you upgrade?

Apple iOS 15.0.1: Should you upgrade?

Apple iOS 15 is (unexpected) garbage fire And as expected, iOS 15.0.1 now chest To put out some fires. Unfortunately, the fix list is short, the fixes themselves are unreliable, and iOS 15 is still a huge mess. Here’s everything you need to know.

Tip: Bookmark this page as I will keep it updated if/when I find new issues. I will make the final verdict in a week.

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For whom is this?

Apple iOS 15.0.1 has been released for all iOS 14 compatible devices. This includes the iPhone 6S (now six years old) and later. You should automatically be notified of the upgrade, but if not, you can perform the update manually by going to. Togo Settings > General > Software Update. If you’re using the current iOS 15.1 beta (see the “The Way Forward” section at the end), you’ll need to: Sign out of your iPhone First before iOS 15.0.1 was released.

Note: This guide does not focus on older iOS or iPadOS updates, but I will cover related issues in these guides.

deal breaker

Jailbreakers, stay away. Nothing has changed in a few months and Unc0ver employment checkra1n Later iOS 14 versions are not jailbroken, let alone iOS 15. But because: Troubled start to iOS 15It can be said that jailbreak fans are lucky enough to stay put.

For others, I have to say, unfortunately, the first 24 hours don’t look good. iOS 15.0.1 only promises to fix three things (though Lots of current affairs) However, two out of three (reporting and unlocking Apple Watch storage space) prove to be unreliable (1employment2employment3employment4employment5employment6employment7employment8employment9employment10 and so on). Worse, although there are some reports The repairs are workingThere are separate reports for iOS 15.0.1 Enter these errors For users who have not had it before.

While it’s not an enviable task to prioritize any of all the iOS 15 errors that need to be addressed first, I’m also surprised that Apple didn’t make the effort to fix them (they seem to be everywhere) CarPlay issues people Do you have. Understandably, backlash toward iOS 15 in general is on the rise, with users describing it as “full of problems” employment “Buggy Ramp“.

So what did you get?

As mentioned above, Apple doesn’t fix much (and reliably fix it) iOS 15.0.1, but here are the official release notes:

  • Unlocking iPhone with Apple Watch may not work on iPhone 13 models
  • The Settings app may display a full storage error
  • Audio meditations may unexpectedly start a workout on Apple Watch for some Fitness+ subscribers

Apple was equally unreliable regarding security in iOS 15.0.1. Apple has officially stated that iOS 15.0.1 includes: There are no security solutions But she does. The researcher who reported a serious lock screen vulnerability in Zero Day was surprised You think it’s fixed in version Without Apple giving him any credit (or, more likely, a bug-finger bonus).

Furthermore, Apple has not added any fixes for: Three tricks on zero day It was announced last week after another security researcher got impatient after the company failed to acknowledge the flaws for more than four months. Right now, concerns are growing about how Apple will partner with security researchers who play an important role in debugging and keeping iOS secure.

Apple iOS 15.0.1 Verdict: Upgrade if you’re already using iOS 15

iOS 15.0.1 seems to be hasty and unreliable. If you installed iOS 15 and encounter any of the three errors that it claims to fix, it won’t hurt to update it and see if it works for you. Resolving the zero-day (unacknowledged) error is also a big problem. Anyone still eagerly awaiting iOS 14 will likely be turned off. I expect a series of quick releases with iOS 15.0.2 first, followed by a larger update to iOS 15.1 already in development (more on that below).

Note: Bookmark this guide, I will keep updating it with any bugs or related features I find and you’ll find the final verdict here in a week.

way forward

Earlier this week, Apple released the second beta of iOS 15.1, which should be a more substantial release with a wide range of bug and security fixes. It will also introduce some new features that iOS 15 did not release, such as: SharePlay.

iOS 15.1 is still over a month away, and iOS 15.0.2 and iOS 15.0.3 will likely be needed sooner. I hope iOS 15.1 will be a good starting point for those who are patiently waiting for iOS 14. After all, there is Lots of fun about iOS 15 …when it works.


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