March 4, 2024

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Apple renews paid AppleCare + service with unlimited repairs for devices – tablets and phones – news

Apple flat fees are by no means a better alternative. Yes, perhaps in the mindset that you should always have what you need “now” and that any thought ahead of you is not for you.

But other than that…family insurance is not only cheaper, it also covers some other basic things. If we’re talking about finances…so you can put aside the money you save. It’s not that complicated, handy with your money. It takes some discipline, but of course you can also make sure that you don’t have anything to spend by buying a subscription for all your bullshit. Then you will be helped faster, and at the same time indicate that you do not have any reserve for unexpected expenses. This is going to be a really great life, YOLO!

Almost anyone can buy anything if the person is smart enough to put the money aside at the right time. Even for a person who earns well, and can easily buy a new TV, he also thinks about buying it. Does the TV break when hung up or by dropping the vacuum cleaner on the screen it will also scratch the back of his head and I think yes I don’t have the money to spend another 2500 on a TV.

Putting money aside knowing you’ll actually be spending it on some products, without an emergency buffer (as you say), isn’t ‘smart’ at all. This is spending money before you actually get it.

It’s not about thinking in black and white. This is about thinking and maybe also some hard thinking. What I also read between the lines in your post is a classic Dutch way of doing things, and we want to ensure everything is loose and stuck and we avoid any risk. We are world stars at it, and no other country guarantees such nonsense. The trend in society is an increasingly risk-averse behaviour. Think of helmets on a bike. Even in a quiet village, no chickens on the road, you see them more and more. The ratio is long gone.

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