December 8, 2023

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The most popular new cars in the Netherlands so far

The most popular new cars in the Netherlands so far

Now that the Dutch registration numbers for new passenger cars for September are known, we can take stock of the first three quarters of this year. These are the most popular new cars and car brands in the Netherlands so far, based on figures requested by AutoWeek from Bovag.

The first three quarters of 2023 have gone, so we can see how things are going so far this year. In September, Kia can call itself the brand that managed to register the highest number of new cars that month. Tesla once again takes home the most popular car of the month with the Model Y. But which car models and car brands have had the most registrations so far this year?

This year, 286,778 new passenger cars have already been registered in the Netherlands. The Tesla Model Y and Kia Picanto compete monthly for the top spot this year, but the Model Y has come out on top so far. In the first three quarters, the Tesla Model Y had more than 10,000 registrations. From January to September, at least 10,291 Model Y vehicles received a license plate. This gave Tesla a market share of 3.6 percent. This also means that the Tesla Model Y is the most popular electric car in the Netherlands so far.

The Kia Picanto follows a relatively wide distance in second place. So far this year, 8,205 Kia Picantos have been registered, making the Korean compact car good for 2.86% of the car market. In places three to five, it is not surprising to encounter the Peugeot 208, Volvo Peugeot’s compact car – of which an electric version is also sold – trails Kia by just 22 units. The distance between 208 and number four – the Volvo

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The most popular new cars – from the first quarter to the third quarter of 2023

Brand A fashion model number market share
1 Tesla Model Y 10,291 3.59%
2 Kia Picanto 8,205 2.86%
3 Peugeot 208 8,183 2.85%
4 Volvo XC40 6,125 2.14%
5 Link & Company 01 5,845 2.04%

Most Popular Brands – Q1 to Q3 2023

So far, it’s not Tesla or Kia that is in the lead, but Volkswagen. This is quite remarkable, as Volkswagen does not have a single model in the top 5 registered models. Volkswagen has a lot of Sprinters in its lineup. For example, 5,467 units of the Polo were registered, and models such as the Up, available only in stock, reached 2,925 units. With 2,485 cars registered, the Golf trails slightly behind the ID3 (2,525 units). ID4 received 3,114 registrations. Other good-selling models for Volkswagen are the T-Roc (2,649 units), Tiguan (2,445 units), Taigo (1,895 units) and T-Cross (1,302 units). Volkswagen had a market share of 9.4 percent.

So far this year, Kia is still 1,200 registered cars behind Volkswagen and is in second place with 25,665 registered cars so far. Kia also has several registered models, including a thousand or more units. For example, the hugely popular Niro achieved 5,380 registrations and the Sportage 3,357. The Ceed, EV6 and Stonic were respectively good for 2,618, 2,168 and 1,930 registered units.

Toyota comes in third place with 19,461 registered cars. Toyota’s stalwarts include the Aygo X, which is the brand’s most popular car this year, with 4,608 registered. It is followed closely by the Yaris Cross (4,540 units). Behind that we find the Yaris (3,454), Corolla (2,911) and C-HR (1,466).

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Fourth and fifth places go to Peugeot (17,094 registrations) and Renault (15,533 copies). In addition to the 208, Peugeot can of course thank the 2008 for its performance in the Dutch market. There are 4249 registered copies. The 308 (1,821 units) and 3008 (1,250 units) are the only Peugeot cars to have delivered more than 1,000 units this year. In Renault, the Clio sits on the registration throne with 3,266 copies. However, the Captur (3,020) and the electric Megane E-Tech (2,914) are already getting close to each other. Despite its age, the non-electric Mégane Estate has managed to reach 1,407 registered units and is behind the Arcana (1,468) and Astral (2,914).

Brand number market share
1 Volkswagen 26,855 9.36%
2 Kia 25,655 8.95%
3 Toyota 19,461 6.79%
4 Peugeot 17,094 5.96%
5 Renault 15,533 5.42%