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Are you tired of winter already?  You’ll get your dose of Vitamin D in these 5 sunny destinations |  HLN’s Instagram

Are you tired of winter already? You’ll get your dose of Vitamin D in these 5 sunny destinations | HLN’s Instagram

Outside it is gray, gray and drizzle. You will feel miserable for little. Fortunately, there are other places where the sun still shines. From Tanzania to Egypt: You can enjoy sun therapy in these five destinations. Perfect for supplying the body with Vitamin D.

1. Really warming up in Zanzibar

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Zanzibar They are the things dreams are made of. However, if you love snow-white beaches, turquoise waters, gentle ocean breezes, and a siesta under a palm tree. Tropical island dream So, where nothing needs to be done and relaxation is the only thing you should do. Plus you can run the time, so you get a good and even tan.

Normally it’s a bit too much for cultural value-add seekers, but after a long, dark winter, even the most committed museum fan craves the perfect beach and endless sunshine. And you get a lot of that here, from early morning until late at night.

my work: An international passport is required! Journey times vary by stopover, but it’s a minimum of 9:15am.

Top tip

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stone Town with its labyrinth of alleyways has made Zanzibar famous. Take a break at Emerson on Hurumzi Hotel with rooftop restaurant.

More information can be found at emersonzanzibar.com.

2. Chilling in Puglia


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In winter you can discover the olive barn in Europe in peace. This is an authentic place where life goes on leisurely. So you scurry along off-road from one town with untouched character to another. Polignano appears carved on top of its jagged coastline. A stack of whitewashed houses lean against jagged cliffs overlooking the bright blue Adriatic Sea.

In Monopoly, the port is the beating heart. There are no silly yachts, but colorful fishing boats and families waving lovingly on the dock. Alberobello oozes world heritage. Slopes dotted with white 16th-century limestone Trulli houses. With thousands of these insignificant homes you will be amazed. With your sunglasses.

my work: ID required. Charleroi Brindisi: 2:30 a.m.

Top tip

Ceramics lovers will be delighted at Grottaglie, which is home to more than 50 ceramics workshops, many of which have pedigrees. Del Monaco, now in its tenth generation, was founded in 1560. It is rumored that the Ruffo di Calabrias order their crockery here.

3. Diving in Egypt

Getty Images

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You can go see the pyramids and temples, and risk your life crossing a road junction in Cairo, but don’t forget snorkeling. Because right below the surface of the water, another world awaits. You don’t even need an expensive diving certificate. All you need is a snorkel and a pair of fins.

From the famous Marsa Alam above Hurghada to Sharm El Sheikh: after a week of floating on your belly, the Red Sea no longer holds any secrets for you and guarantees you a tan. Many all-inclusive hotels have snorkeling facilities right outside their doors. Then relax on a sun lounger, order a very sweet cocktail and take a dip in the afternoon on repeat!

my work: ID card Brussels – Hurghada: 4:30 am.

Top tip

Take a trip to the Giftun Islands, about an hour’s boat ride from Hurghada. Good for white beaches, azure waters, photogenic debris, and fascinating underwater life. With nearly 200 permanent corals, this area is the most biologically diverse in the Red Sea.

4. Winter in Tenerife

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© Getty Images

Admittedly, Tenerife has a somewhat bad reputation. As if only old people spend the winter on the largest island of the Canary Islands and you end up among a gang of Flemish Benidorm bastards anyway. Do not be afraid. Because this is also where the racing talents of the country gather and train. Carnival is celebrated in February. with conviction. The island has earned an entry in the Guinness Book of Records because no less than 200,000 locals enjoy a massive outdoor dance party together. Latinofibes is everywhere, and a real folk festival.

This is still a top destination in January, March and April. Conquer Mount Teide, rent a car and cruise the island, take a surfing lesson, stroll along the beach and explore Santa Cruz de Tenerife with the sun in your eyes. It shouldn’t be more.

my work: ID Card, Brussels – Tenerife: 4:35 a.m.

Top tip

Route 040 may be less than 30km long, but it’s still Spain’s most challenging hiking trail. The trek begins on El Socorro beach, at sea level, and takes you to the top of Teide volcano, passing nature reserves and national parks.

5. Croquettes from the wall in Curaçao

Curacao Tourism Board

© Curacao Tourism Board

Sometimes a person does not want to break his head over another language or culinary habits. Enter Curacao. Because here you can discover Dutch architecture, eat bitterballen and simply make yourself understood in Dutch. Nice and easy. However you are already in the Caribbean. Complete with countless snow-white beaches, national parks both above and deep below sea level, over 40 dive sites and great weather all year round. Or you can swim with sea turtles and dolphins.

my work: You need an international passport! From Amsterdam you can fly directly to Curaçao in about 9 hours.

Top tip

Of course you eat fish, fish and more fish. In De Visserij, the locals bring their “catch of the day” every day. What was captured is presented. Reservations are not possible, calling is not an option. If there is room, then there is room. Simply.

More information can be found at facebook.com/piscaderanoreservations

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