June 5, 2023

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Arnar Vidarsson: “The time of my dismissal from Iceland is incomprehensible” | extra time

“I only work overtime, so from now on I’ll show up every week.”

Arnar Fedarsson can put his resignation as Iceland’s national coach into perspective. But it still has a sour taste.

Because the dismissal came last week after a 7-0 win over Liechtenstein in the qualifying round of the European Championship. “Iceland’s biggest ever victory,” Vidarsson asserts.

“Three days ago we lost 3-0 against Bosnia. It wasn’t a good game from us. We played passively with the handbrake going.”

“But we recovered well against Liechtenstein.”

Vidarsson questions his resignation and frames his reign with Iceland.

“I became the coach of the national team in 2021, after the national team was caught up in a storm over offensive behaviour.”

“I wasn’t allowed to pick 6 players who were accused of sexual assault,” Fedarson says.

“But in June 2022 the whole situation is over and we can start concentrating on football. Since then we have played 10 matches and the match against Bosnia was our first defeat.”

So Fedarson didn’t expect that he would actually get a C4. “Time is incomprehensible to me. Separation is very necessary.”

Is the Icelander now free to market as a coach? “I’ve never planned anything in my life, especially as a coach. I’ll see what comes my way,” Vidarsson dodges the question a bit.

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