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Arnaud de Lee does it again and defeats Mark Cavendish and co. at Heistse Pijl |  Heistse Arrow 2022

Arnaud de Lee does it again and defeats Mark Cavendish and co. at Heistse Pijl | Heistse Arrow 2022

Neopro Arnaud De Lie (Lotto-Soudal) continues to win. The top talent was also the fastest in a sprint race at Heistse Pijl. De Lie kept calm and bright in a chaotic race and won with great ease.

Watch the chaotic sprint race:

With Mark Cavendish, Sam Bennett, Giacomo Nizzolo, and Arnaud de Lee, among others, the sprinter’s teams brought in plenty of initially rumored names in Fusillar.

However, heavy artillery did not deter the other teams, and after a solid cat-and-mouse game, today’s ride was finally assembled by 6 riders.

However, the leaders could not hope for a long stunt, because with 90 kilometers from the end, the runner teams gradually opened the throttle more and more. With 10 kilometers left on the road, the last remaining fugitive has been captured.

However, it was not a mass print, because the final steep ascent just before the red cloth caused the peloton to collapse completely. In the midst of this mayhem, 20-year-old Arnaud de Ley played a very smart one.

The young Belgian retained a good overview and steered clear of the seasoned rot Nizzolo due to force majeure. Cavendish was still third despite the series’ problems.

De Lee: “We executed the plan very well today”

“The team executed the plan very well,” De Lai said, glowing in front of the camera. “I was in very good shape at the start of the last climb. Nizzolo eventually started to run 250 meters from the finish, forcing me to continue.”

“It’s really unbelievable, because today I also win after the classic Marcel Kent. I’m very happy with my condition and the team’s performance. I usually sign a new contract with Lotto Soudal. The team has great confidence in me. And I think that’s the most important thing for the jockey. So why would I go to a team? Another,” concluded the young Belgian.

Cavendish: “A lie is really quick”

“I’m disappointed,” Cavendish said after the match. “The guys worked hard for me and we were exactly where we needed to be on the last slope.”

“On the slope my chain fell suddenly. It’s not the first time this year, especially when sprinting. I tried to get my chain, but I knew it was going to be difficult. Especially against De Lie, because he is really fast.”

  1. 5 PM 09. Arnaud de Lay wins! Arnaud De Lie will get there with a massive tour! The young Belgian player could cheer at Heistse Pijl, ahead of Nizzolo and Cavendish. †
  2. 5 p.m. 08. Nizzolo starts the sprint, who’s left? †
  3. 5:00 pm Ballerini shakes the tree and tries the late rush, but to no avail. Cavendish is holding onto the front for now. †
  4. 17 hours 07. For the last time Mt. Heistse. Which runner will survive the 400m of cobblestones before the last straight streak starts? †
  5. 17h 06. Now Arkea-Samsic comes with a full train at the front. Lotto-Soudal also wants to join the front, but is moving away a bit. †
  6. At 5 p.m., Dries de Bondt and Arnaud de Lay appear front and center in their oversized suit. With 4km remaining on the road, it’s going to be a drumbeat to get in good standing. & nbsp; †
  7. Drops. He continues to arrange the falls at Heistse Pijl. Jonas Koch, Danny van Poppel, and Olaf Koij, among others, are flat on the asphalt. † 17 h.
  8. 4 pm 58. Integration is real. He fought, but lost. 10 kilometers from the end, Oscar’s story is almost written. Anyone else come up with a late blackout? †
  9. 40″. Wolfpack now takes full control and reduces the difference to 40 seconds. A sprint seems inevitable.. 16h 54.
  10. 4 p.m. 52. Oscar Only does a great job at speed. The Briton is still 45secs ahead of the peloton, which doesn’t appear to be on the same wavelength. †
  11. Bad luck for Perry! What a drama for Perry. With one lap left, the Canadian couldn’t put his chain on the bike anymore. Only is now the sole leader. † 4 p.m. 49.
  12. 16:47. The Onley and Perry leadership hover around 1’20”, as the leaders challenge Mount Heistse for the penultimate time. How long can they delay the herd?
  13. 4 pm. 43. In the front, Onley and Perry stand surprisingly well. The faction is biting its teeth at the two leaders, although, of course, great artillery still needs to appear. †
  14. 4 p.m. 35. Leading group breaks. In the leading group, it doesn’t go fast enough for two riders. Perry and Only chose the fast track and tried (against their better judgment?) to stay on top. †
  15. 4 PM 31. 2 more laps. We’re nearing the end of this heist arrow. With two rounds remaining, it’s time for the teams of runners. Meanwhile, leaders are seeing their progress shrink to a significant minute. †
  16. Drops. In the middle of the peloton there is a sudden break due to a collision. Rick Zabel and Brent van de Kerkhove lie on the floor and lick their wounds. & nbsp; † 4 p.m. 25.
  17. 16h 13. 2’00”. Leaders’ advance continues to roll back. Peloton still has 40km to close for 2 minutes. It is always the possibility of a late break.
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