February 26, 2024

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Art space Mercerie starts crowdfunding: 'There's a real need for places like this'

Art space Mercerie starts crowdfunding: 'There's a real need for places like this'

Vzw Miauw founded Mercerie in March 2023 to provide a free alternative space for emerging artists. This is a temporary use until September 2024. After that, the owner plans to build apartments in the huge building behind Sint-Goriksplein.

Initially, the nonprofit was able to cover all expenses with money it received from the Mercerie Bar. But due to permit issues and complaints from a neighbour, the venue must now close at 10pm and amplified music is no longer allowed.

In order to continue to fund its operations, the non-profit organization began crowdfunding with €25,000. With this they want to compensate artists, performers and employees, among other things. You can find more information about donating here.

“The need for such spaces”

It's important for Mercerie to be able to continue its work, says Jane Hysen, the initiator. “We receive at least five requests to use the space every day. Since we opened, we have welcomed three hundred artists. We have also collaborated with larger organizations such as Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Art Brussels and Collectible Design. There is a real need for such spaces in Brussels, and Mercere has proven that.”

Artists allowed to use the space will have a short residency period during which they will be guided by various members of the Mercerie team until the moment of their performance or exhibition.

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