February 27, 2024

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The Red Panthers put the icing on the cake against Spain: “Another proof of how superior we are”

The Red Panthers put the icing on the cake against Spain: “Another proof of how superior we are”

Belgian women's hockey won the Olympic qualifying tournament in Valencia. The final against Spain was not a real benchmark due to the easing of Belgian pressure, but in the final stage the Red Leopards were still superior to the Spanish Women. An extra mental push towards Paris.

The smiling faces throughout Brabanson more or less revealed what could be seen on the pitch. The pressure was low for the Red Panthers and the grease was also a little gazpacho.

Spain clearly showed more strength to its people, although the Panthers had to extract more penalties before the end of the first quarter.

Spanish dominance got right representation on the scoreboard just before half-time: Sarah Barrios' eagle eye saw a gap between Aisling D'Hooghe and the post.

Even after the end of the first half, the Panthers were unable to control the match or their Spanish colleagues. There were chances, but after the team was sacked on Thursday, it became clear that more than just prestige was at stake.

When everyone settled down to sleep, the Panthers finally coolly scored two goals in two minutes. Louise Versaville received some Spanish cooperation, and Charlotte Engelbert illustrated her immaculate class.

2-1, the Spanish surprise was amazing. There is no doubt that the symbolic victory provides an additional boost to the Panthers.

“This is a dream week, amazing,” national team coach Raoul Ehren said with a laugh. “It was a tough day. Our first two quarters weren't good. There wasn't enough focus.”

“We were behind everywhere and we tried to change that. In the last 20 minutes you saw how we wanted to play.”

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“We are a big team and usually only the top teams are able to do that and change things when necessary. This is further proof of how good we are.”

“Now the sky is the limit. We are doing our best. Everyone dreams of a medal and we will work hard for it. Plans are in place. “We can still take steps 100 percent.”